Google Testing Refine Search Query In The Local Listing On Mobile – June 2021 Update

This is weird… Claire Carlile pointed out that Google tested that if you click some buttons in the local list or the local list label on your mobile device, it will optimize your search query in the main search box.

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This is not how it worked in the past. Google will only show you reviews, updates, and photos of the business, but the query will not change.

Claire posted this example on Twitter-I can’t replicate this, so I want to know if this is a legitimate test or some weird Google error.

It works just like other search optimization filters we’ve seen before, Even the one I posted before, but in this application, it doesn’t make much sense.

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What did I miss? You are changing the query in the search box, but the action you are performing is not a new search or query in Google Search. Actually it changed the search results, sorry to say no…

Source: Twitter.

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