Google Testing Seller Ratings in Organic Search – June 2021 Update

Google is combining organic and paid search features into a test that displays the company’s seller ratings in regular search snippets.

This was first reported by Brodie Clark, who attributed this discovery to Brian Freiesleben.

As part of the test, star ratings will be displayed in the SERP based on the site’s score in Google Merchant Center.

Seller ratings are a feature of Google’s paid advertising that allows you to transition to natural search, which is something SEO needs to pay attention to.

Let’s take a look at what we have learned about testing so far and what it means for future searches.

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Google Seller Ratings in Organic Search

Seller ratings in organic search are an important improvement for two reasons.

One is that seller ratings are traditionally reserved for paid listings. Another reason is that the page displays star ratings without the help of structured data markup for comment ratings.

If certain tags are used, star ratings may appear in natural search results.

Since these pages are not marked up, this means that the source of seller ratings is the same as Google Ads.

It’s important for SEOs to understand this test because even if the site doesn’t buy Google Ads, they can get seller ratings.

If Google implements this on a broader scale, it is necessary to understand what factors affect the calculation of website seller ratings.

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Seller ratings on Google Shopping may be based on one or more of the following sources:

  • Google Customer Reviews: A free program that collects post-purchase reviews on behalf of merchants.
  • Aggregated performance metrics from Google-led shopping research.
  • Shopping reviews for your store domain, which include reviews from various third-party sources and users of Google Search.

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