Google Unconference 2021 – Registrations Open

Google will host its Search Central Unconference virtual event for another year on June 21.

The registration time is from now until June 14. Google held its first non-conference last August, which was the first virtual event in the company’s history.

What to do during the pandemic, Google turned to virtual events instead of face-to-face meetings that are usually held throughout the year.

As travel restrictions still exist in many countries/regions, Google seems to intend to keep its virtual events for at least another year.

If the success of a virtual event can be measured only by the number of attendees, then Google’s first Unconference was a home run.

The attendance quota was filled almost immediately, and the feedback was basically positive.

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What is a Google Unconference?

Google refers to this particular event as a non-meeting to make it clear that it is different from a typical Google event or other online meeting.

Google places great emphasis on the participation aspect of this event.

If you want to sit down and passively listen to the speaker’s speech, this is not an event to attend.

Google Search Central Unconference encourages attendees to actively participate in each meeting.

In this case, Google’s goal is to diversify the list of attendees.

The idea is that a diverse group of attendees can help everyone learn more about each other and their unique perspectives.

Unfortunately, this also means that not everyone who wants to participate in the event has the opportunity to do so.

Meeting, the meeting will not be recorded.

A blog post will be published after the event, but in most cases, what happened in Unconference will remain in Unconference.

How to Register For the Google Search Central Unconference

Those who are interested in participating in non-conferences, please fill in the application form.

The application requires registrants to vote in two conferences they are interested in attending.

The meeting will then be added to the event based on the number of votes they received.

Possible sessions include:

  • Publisher policy videos
  • Search Console chit chat
  • Video SEO Q&A
  • Core Web Vitals & Ecommerce Q&A
  • Core Web Vitals & RUM
  • Core Web Vitals – Diagnosing and solving common issues
  • Website quality in 2021
  • Ecommerce SEO challenges & best practices
  • Improving Search Central support
  • Log file analysis
  • The future of feeds on the open web
  • SEO for podcasts
  • SEO scripts – making SEO easier with automation

Google will notify registrants between June 14th and 16th whether their application to participate in the event has been accepted.

Source: The Search Central Unconference is back

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