Google Upgrading Top Stories Carousel – June 2021 Update

When the page experience update starts in mid-June, Google will review all the changes that put it into the Top Stories Carousel in search results.

This information is shared on the Google Search Center YouTube channel as part of its on-page experience introductory video series.

For several months, it has been known that Google plans to remove AMP as a requirement for content to appear on the Top Stories carousel.

This is still planned to happen as part of an update to the page experience algorithm.

This latest interpreter from Google breaks down the details and answers any lingering questions that website owners may encounter before the update is released.

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Changes Coming to AMP & Top Stories

When Google releases a page experience update in mid-June, AMP will no longer be required to be included in Top Stories.

In addition, Google confirmed that the AMP icon and swipe interaction will be removed from the AMP viewer.

In the AMP viewer, this is possible because the page is loaded immediately from the AMP cache.

When other types of pages are added to the featured story carousel, Google will no longer be able to guarantee instant loading.

In order to provide the best search engine experience, Google will have to get rid of scrolling.

Website owners can load instant AMP pages to other types of pages through signature exchange.

The signature exchange allows secure pre-acquisition of the site.

They can also be used on AMP sites, allowing pages to retain their original URLs.

Google shares these three tips for staying competitive in Top Stories:

  • Publish relevant content.
  • Maintain good Core Web Vitals and Page Experience scores.
  • Follow Google’s guidelines.

If you haven’t, now is a good time to investigate how your page performs in terms of page experience.

View the page’s experience report in Search Console, which contains information about the experience of real users when loading your site.

In the report, you will be able to see any specific problem URLs that need to be resolved.

If your content is currently listed in Top Stories, please continue to focus on publishing the same high-quality content.

Also, please be aware that any Page experience encounters problems in Search Console and may perform as well in the best post-upgrade stories as it did today.

Finally, Google reminds website owners that the use of article-specific structured data is still a necessary condition for inclusion in the best stories.

Add some marked lines so that Google can learn important information about the article, such as author, publisher, publication date, etc.

Source: Google Search Central Youtube 

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