Google Uses Spam Fighting AI – May 2021 Update

Google Uses Spam Fighting AI - May 2021 Update

Google announced the launch of new artificial intelligence (AI) tools to help combat all types of spam.

According to internal estimates, AI has the ability to block 99% of spam.

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Unprecedented potential to revolutionize

Google handles various forms of spam at different points in its interaction with web pages.

What Google has done is create artificial intelligence to combat spam, which Google describes as “unprecedented potential to revolutionize” the fight against spam.

It is an anti-spam algorithm for confidential searches and is especially important for users, such as users related to searching for important topics, such as medical testing sites.

Japanese Keyword Hacker

Spammers will hack a website and add new pages with links to other websites.

A widespread website hacker that Google warns about is called a “Japanese Keyword Hacker” because it adds pages in Japanese.

You can also take over your Google Search Console account.

How Google Blocks Spam

Where Google AI Blocks Spam
Diagram illustrating where Google AI blocks spam

Where Google Blocks Spam

  1. Crawled Spam
  2. Indexed Spam
  3. Spam Caught by Manual Action

Spam Blocked Before Index

Google crawler (GoogleBot) is software that crawls the Internet to find web pages that will be included in Google’s search index, so that these web pages can be displayed in search results.

The crawler itself can detect spam when it finds it, so that spam does not enter the index.

Spam messages added through the Search Console request indexing tool will also be captured and discarded before being included in the Google search index.

Spam Blocked Before it is Ranked

These systems cannot capture all spam and some of the spam is included in the Google search index.

Whenever Google responds to a search query, Google scans the web pages considered for ranking to find more spam.

Spam pages at this level are used to create better spam protection algorithms at the web crawl level.

Review Site Spam

Google added low-quality reviews and shopping sites to the list of sites analyzed by its artificial intelligence tools.

Google said it hopes to reward depth and helpful content.

Google Spam Fight Empower by AI

Artificial intelligence tools were added sometime in 2020.

It is unclear how much this could affect search results, but some sites may rank higher due to the removal of spam sites that previously ranked higher.

From our perspective, it’s hard to say that Google’s success in fighting spam is.

Everyone has anecdotes about the spam site, and the site is out of touch with its ranking on Google.

Source:How We Fought Search spam on Google in 2020

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