Google Web Stories Achieved 100K Per Day Milestone – June 2021 Update

In a report on the use of Web Stories, Google stated that 100,000 new stories are added to the search index every day.

Google’s report includes data on the growth of online stories as a content format, and five statistics on which types of content perform best.

Below is a summary of key statistics and five tips for Google to improve web stories.

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Google Web Stories Usage

According to the report, there are more than 20 million web stories online. Since October 2020, 6,500 new domains have published their first online story.

The report focuses on data for October 2020, as the update brought online stories to Google Discover at that time.

The update may be a factor that caused the domain to publish its first online story.

Data shows that this format of content that brings Instagram-like short videos to Google search and discovery is attracting viewers.

According to reports, millions of users view and interact with online stories every day.

Using data collected since the launch of the Web Stories format, Google has assembled five suggestions for creating stories that appeal to users.

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Google Web Stories 2021 Insights

1.What type of content gets the most engagement?

Lifestyle content has the highest level of participation in all verticals, especially when it contains aspiring images and informative operating method information.

Google pointed out that lifestyle categories are very suitable for web stories.

This may be because the user can scroll through stories like browsing a catalog.

2.What type of content gets the most impressions?

The online web stories of the arts and entertainment and food and beverage vertical industries have gained the most impressions on the Internet.

Impressions do not always represent participation; however, they are more a sign of which categories people search for more than others.

3.What type of content is in demand?

Google data shows that there is a high demand for new online story content in the arts and entertainment, celebrities, and sports and video game categories.

The report states: “With the continuous release of new TV, movies and games, these verticals provide growth opportunities.”

4.What’s the ideal length of a Web Story?

Google stated that there is no ideal page length for online stories that are considered high-quality.

On average, users will browse pages 11-15 of a story.

This shows that website owners should convey the most important points of their message within the first 15 pages of the online story.

Are Web Stories popular on Google Discover?

Google reports that on Discover, users will see an average of 1.7 stories per story opened.

Although this may vary based on demographic data.

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