Google’s Definition of Quality Content is Totally Different – You will be shocked!

At Google SEO Business Hours Hangouts, Google’s John Mueller provided a broader definition of what content quality really means.

The definition broadens the meaning of having high quality content and can help publishers struggling with content quality.

In general, when the SEO industry focuses on content quality, it often focuses on improving things related to E-A-T, expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness.

Mueller’s shared definition of content quality includes E-A-T and goes a step further.

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Why Quality Content  is Important?

Content quality can have both positive and negative impacts on your site’s ranking.

It can even cause Google to distrust the website and not show the abundant results from the website.

For many years, the SEO industry has focused on authoring, the amount of ads on the page, and the text of the content itself.

But what Mueller said about quality content includes and extends these signals.

What is the relation between Quality Content and SEO?

The question asked in Google Hangouts was in the context of the relative importance of technical SEO and content quality.

Mueller stopped reading questions to talk about the importance of technical SEO, and then started talking about what quality content really means.

 What is the Definition Of Quality Content By Google?

John Mueller answered the issue of quality content and explained that it wasn’t just text.

Mueller explained:

“When it comes to the quality of the content, we don’t mean like just the text of your articles.

It’s really the quality of your overall website.

And that includes everything from the layout to the design.

Like, how you have things presented on your pages, how you integrate images, how you work with speed, all of those factors they kind of come into play there.”

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Google has said for years that images are important and have published a developer page on how to properly use them for image optimization and SEO.

Many people in the SEO industry have rejected the importance of page speed, but Mueller says page speed contributes to how Google sees the quality of its content.

Most importantly, showing how everything looks on your page also affects how Google displays the quality of your content.

This is important because it broadens the definition of what it means to have high quality content.

Mueller’s definition of quality content is much broader than generally understood.

Search on Google or Bing using the search term “What is high quality content?” It reveals many sites that answer questions by saying it’s all about text.

But obviously, according to Google, quality content means more than just text.

Includes images, layout, all settings, page speed, and other elements. Some of these factors relate to the user experience and how we inform site visitors.

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Source: English Google SEO office-hours from October 22, 2021

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