How Do You Search Keywords On YouTube For Free?

YouTube launches a new feature created to optimize the keyword search process, in order to create more content for the topics that people search for.

Search Insights is an experimental feature currently being tested on YouTube Studio.

Search Insights to gather data on:

  • What your audience is searching for
  • What the general YouTube audience is searching for
  • Estimated search volume for each query
  • Whether there’s a “content gap” for a particular search term

Search insights can help with content planning, as data is a reliable indicator of the type of video people want to watch.

This data can help create the most relevant content that meets the interests of your audience.

Here is more information about Insights for Search and what you can do with it.

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What Is YouTube Search Insights?

YouTube Search Insights lets you see what you have been looking for in the last 28 days.

All statistics are summarized, which means that it is not possible to track individual search queries of individual users.

The quest for understanding consists of two main parts.

First, you can see what your audience and audience is looking for on YouTube.

Second, you can see all your YouTube searches for each word on thousands of topics.

In these datasets, YouTube is testing a new feature called “content gaps”.

Search content becomes empty when viewers cannot find the information they need.

If the viewer could not find any results for a particular search query or if the content they found was of poor quality, it will be marked as a content gap.

Now you know the basics of search, and here’s where to get it and how to use it.

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How To Use YouTube Search Insights?

  1. Access Search Insights by signing into YouTube Studio
  2. Click on Analytics in the left-hand menu
  3. Navigate to the Research section and look for a tab titled “Your viewers’ searches
  4. youtube keyword research
    Source: Screenshot from, November 2021.
  5. Here you will find the most popular search queries from your viewers or viewers on a channel similar to your channel. The information for each search term is divided into several columns. The first row shows the approximate volume of keyword searches, from high, to medium, to low. The second column shows the number of impressions your channel has received for this query in the last 28 days.
  6. Next step, you can explore what the broader YouTube audience is looking for by clicking on the “Searches across YouTube” tab. Enter a specific topic name or word in the search field to get input.
  7. youtube keyword research
    Source: Screenshot from, November 2021.
  8. The example above shows how to get things done on YouTube for performance-related keywords. These are the real questions people ask. You can filter the results to include only content gaps. This can be a great starting point for exploring potential ideas for your next video.

Search Insights that start at the moment, but remember that it is in the trial step.

This means that everyone will not have access to it immediately.

YouTube says it will make another announcement as it expands search insights for more users.

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Source: Introducing: Search Insights! Find Out What Your Audience (And The Rest of YouTube) Is Searching For

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