How does user feedback impact search results ranking? John Muller Explains

Google’s John Mueller explained how the company handles comments sent by users on its search results.

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This topic is covered in the latest installment of the Ask Googlebot series on YouTube.

Mueller responded by discussing how to handle user feedback internally and explained the best way to send feedback to Google in the future.

How Google treat this feedback?

Google tries to prioritize user-reported issues in a variety of ways. Some things need to be resolved as quickly as possible, while others need to wait until Google starts working on specific parts of its system again.

Google organizes the comments submitted by users according to the most urgent matters. Your team can step in and manually fix problems that need to be resolved immediately.

However, Mueller said that when it comes to most issues, it makes little sense to manually modify the search results.

In most cases, problems with search results will be corrected algorithmically.

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How to Send Feedback to Google

The most direct way to send feedback on the quality of search results to Google is to use the “Submit Feedback” link at the bottom of the search results.

This feedback will be sent directly to the Google team for review, organization and prioritization. Mueller also recommends the Google Search Center Help Forum, where there is a community of search experts who can help.

Help forum experts can submit discussions to Google when needed. If the user encounters some problematic or offensive errors, it may be worthwhile to send the information to the public before the Google account on social media sites such as Twitter.

When submitting feedback about the search, Mueller said it would be helpful to know which query produced unsatisfactory results.

Provide at least one common query that many people can use to highlight the problem as clearly as possible.

Regardless of the contact method used, make it easy for Google to identify the scale and scope of the problem.

Source: AskGooglebot

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