How Instagram Reels Algorithm Works 2021

Instagram explains how it ranks what people see when they browse the scrolls.

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This information can help you create more successful clips. Instagram is pushing Reels as its next flagship feature. Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, has made it clear that he hopes to develop and grow in the video field to directly compete with TikTok.

As Instagram continues to invest in Reels, it lets users understand how this part of the application works.

In an Instagram post, the company revealed how it chooses which reels to recommend to each user.

If Instagram is part of your marketing strategy, then understanding how the app recommends Reels to users is knowledge that can help you in the future.

How Instagram Recommends Reels to Users

The goal of Intagram’s Reels algorithm is to show content that users will not only like to watch, but that they might interact with.

In order to determine which scrolls to show users, the Instagram algorithm considers the probability of a person:

  • Like it
  • Watch a Reel the whole way through
  • Go to the audio page to make their own Reel
  • Say it was entertaining or funny

If you are not familiar with Reels or TikTok, the last point may sound confusing.

It refers to the ability to take a soundtrack from someone’s video and use it to create your own content.

Unless the creator disables the feature, each reel has a page where viewers can grab audio and make new videos with the same track.

Using highly sharable sound clips to create reels allows you to make a big difference in the recommendation algorithm, but are likes and views more important?

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Most Important Reels Algorithm Signals

Instagram stated that user activity is the most important signal when recommending scrolls.

The algorithm considers which scrolls the user has participated in in the past and whether they have had any direct interaction with the content creator.

This means replying to comments, direct messages, and tags can help your content appear in people’s feeds more often. After that, Instagram looks for information about the video itself and information about the creator of the content.

The most important signals of the reel recommendation algorithm are (in order of importance):

  • Information about the Reel: Such as its popularity, its audio track, and understanding of the video based on pixels and whole frames.
  • Information about the creator: Including who they are and how other users have interacted with them.
  • User activity: Including recent engagement with Reels and interactions with content creators.

Types of Content Instagram Reels Won’t Recommend

  • The video contains political content.
  • The video is low resolution and/or watermarked.
  • The video was made by political or government figures.

If you want to reach anywhere through Instagram Reels, try to create original, high-quality content.

Watermarked videos recovered from other websites will not appear in people’s feeds unless they directly follow the creator.

Finally, keep the theme relaxed and friendly to all audiences.

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