How Long Does SEO Takes for New Pages in 2021 – John Muller Explains

Google’s John Mueller answered the question: “How long does it take to SEO for a new page?” in the latest episode of Ask Googlebot on YouTube.

This is a heavy question, and Mueller even joked at the beginning of the video to avoid his typical “it depends” answer.

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Mueller Explains on SEO for New Pages

Mueller solved this problem by dividing his answer into two parts: indexing and speeding things up.

Google Indexing

When a new page is published, it may take several hours to several weeks to index it.

Mueller suspects that most good content was compiled and indexed in about a week.

Sometimes failures on the network take longer, and sometimes Google’s system takes care of other things.

That being said, there are a few things website owners can do to help speed up crawling and indexing.

Speed Up Crawling And Indexing

To speed things up, Mueller suggests the following action items.

Prevent server overload

Ensure that your server can handle a reasonable number of requests in a timely manner.

When your server slows down, search engines tend to do this.

Prominent internal links

Link to a prominent new internal page within your website.

The easier it is for Google’s system to identify pages that it considers important, the easier it is to prioritize crawling and indexing.

For example, for e-commerce sites, it helps to provide links to new products on the homepage so that Google doesn’t have to crawl through multiple categories to find them.

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Avoid unnecessary URLs on your site

Visit your website and clean up any URLs you no longer need.

Search engines are stuck in trying to find all the URLs on the site and may miss the URLs you are interested in.

Keep website’s quality high

The easier it is for Google to recognize that sites are vital to users on the web, the more it can prioritize sites for crawling and indexing.

There are many factors to consider in order to display a new page in Google Search.

Mueller said there is no absolute timetable for any of these steps, and these steps may change over time.

In addition to solving technical problems, Mueller also emphasized the importance of considering the overall quality of the website.

Finally, there is no guarantee that a particular page will be indexed by Google.

Most search engines will not index most of the content on the web.

Even if some content is indexed, it may not necessarily be displayed to users.

Over time, it may disappear from the index.

Source: Askgooglebot

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