How Long Should an SEO Title be? – John Muller Explains

Google’s John Muller answers questions during the last few hours of Google SEO opening How long should an SEO title be? for ranking purposes.

The questioner was concerned that most of his title tags contained all sixty-five characters.

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 SEO Title Tag Length

Google search results generally indicate that 60 to 65 characters (letters, spaces, and numbers) are the entire range displayed on Google search results pages (SERPs).

Long titles can be shortened or written entirely by Google.

Because title tags clearly appear in search results, it is important to click to place them correctly and increase traffic to your site.

Title tags are a small ranking factor, so you should also consider how titles can affect search engine rankings.

So questioner who ask the question have a good reason to worry about the length of the title tags.

The man says he has worked in the news department with millions of articles under headlines, usually more than 65 characters.

He expressed concern about the length of the title tags to the editors, who were later particularly disappointed by the recommendation that the title tags be corrected to summarize them all.

He said he searched the internet for some answers but was not happy with what he found, which explains why he asked in the Office-hours hangout.

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Are Meta titles a ranking factor?

He asked if the 65-character limit was a ranking factor.

He asked:

“Is that a really good factor of ranking, that the title (length) should be like something with the limitation?”

John Mueller answered:

“No. We don’t have any recommendation for the length of a title.”

Mueller then pointed out that the length of the title depends on the publisher making the decision, not on the SEO evaluation issues.

Mueller explained:

“So, I think kind of picking a number from your side and saying on mobile like this much room is available so as an editorial guideline we’ll say 65 or whatever you want to choose.

That’s perfectly fine.

From Google, from the …search quality, the ranking side we don’t have any guideline that says it should be this long.”

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The searcher then began to question whether the length of the title mattered, even though the rounded title was so long that it did not appear as a short text in the search results.

He asked:

“Is that like a ranking factor?”

John Mueller answered:

“No, no… the length doesn’t matter.

If we show something shorter or if we show something slightly different that’s just kind of how we display it in the search results, it doesn’t mean the ranking changes.”

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What is the length of title in SEO?

A good length looks at what a person will use to describe something suitable for the heading that readers hope to find.

Google’s title tag best practices documentation states:

“Title links are critical to giving users a quick insight into the content of a result and why it’s relevant to their query.”

Google’s title tag best practices

  • Title tags should be descriptive and concise (to the point)
  • Brand home page title (describe the purpose of the site, etc.)
  • Avoid boilerplate, repeated words across multiple pages
  • Don’t use it for dumping your keywords (keyword stuffing)

Source: English Google SEO office-hours from November 19, 2021

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