How Poor HTML, Spelling and Grammar Impact Rankings – John Muller Explains

Google’s John Mueller answered a question about the impact of poor HTML, spelling, and grammar on search rankings.

He gave two answers, because HTML is a technical problem, and spelling and grammar are quality problems that affect user experience.

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Impact of Broken HTML on Search Rankings

He first answered the broken HTML, explaining that the HTML must be broken so that Google cannot understand it.

Poor Spelling and Grammar are Quality Issues

Next, John Mueller answers the second part of the question about handling misspellings and grammar in the context of search performance. It states that spelling errors are seen by users and therefore become quality issues.

Poor HTML, Spelling and Grammar Impact Rankings

HTML must be very bad before it affects rankings, because it makes it difficult for Google to understand the webpage, because it cannot recognize the elements of the page, such as the title and heading, or even the location of the content.

Page elements like <div> are indented in the visible part of the web page. Things like this can make it difficult for Google to understand web pages.

HTML that does not conform to web standards is normal, and Google (and web browsers) can understand this.

John Mueller provides a rule of thumb that proves that if a web page does not render well in a web browser, then it may need to be corrected.

Mueller later explained that poor spelling and grammar can affect rankings because it affects users and is therefore a quality issue.

Source: Watch John Mueller answer question about broken HTML, bad spelling and poor grammar at about the 15 minute mark 

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