How Small Business SEO Changing? Google’s John Muller Explains

Google’s John Mueller suggests that the way owners do small businesses SEO is changing in ways that industry experts aren’t keeping up.

Muller says that much of the content on the web aimed at helping small businesses is based on “old-fashioned” practices.

It also describes how experts can change their message and adapt to the SEO potential of small businesses.

This topic was discussed in the Google Search Central SEO Office Hangouts, recorded October 8, 2021.

Write someone who is just starting to learn SEO in preparation for launching a small business website.

They ask Mueller for guidance in this area and comment on the old-fashioned nature of the advice they might find online.

How Small Business SEO Changing?

In answer to the question, Mueller says there are many useful SEO beginner guides posted on the internet by industry experts.

Mueller says the tips tend to be accurate because there isn’t much false information about the basics of SEO.

However, the Beginner’s Guide is unaware of how companies create and optimize their websites.

This can be confusing for those new to simple website builders, and the first guide talks about HTML page optimization.

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John Mueller explains:

“The tricky part with all of these starter guides, at least the ones that I’ve seen, is they’re often based on an almost old school model of websites where you create HTML pages.

For the most part, small businesses when they go online they don’t create HTML pages anymore they go into WordPress, or into Wix, or into any of the other common hosting platforms, and they create their pages by putting text in, and dragging images in, and all of these things.

And they don’t really realize that in the back there’s actually an HTML page.”

Initially, the guide is more technical than it needs to be, Mueller continues.

While many beginner guides talk about how to write HTML code to customize title elements, SEO for small businesses relies primarily on typing in fields.

“So sometimes when you go through these starter guides it can feel very technical, and not really map to what you’re actually doing when you’re creating these web pages.

Because when we talk about title elements, for example, you don’t look at the HTML anymore and try to tweak that. But rather you try to find the field in whatever hosting system that you have and think about what you need to put there.

So that’s something where I think, over time, things will probably shift a bit to cover that area a little bit better.”

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If you’re writing content for people who practice SEO at the beginner level, the most important point here is to make SEO non-technical.

Instead of writing code, it teaches beginners how to work with CMS fields to customize the look of search results websites.

For small businesses and beginners, Mueller keeps in mind that SEO isn’t as overwhelming as it sounds.

“But it’s something to kind of keep in mind that the SEO starter guides, when you look at them, they might feel like super technical, but actually the work that you do is a lot more like filling in fields, and making sure that the links are there, and things like that.”

Source: English Google SEO office-hours from October 8, 2021

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