How To Analyze Google Search Traffic Drop – 7 Tips By Google

Google provides website owners with seven tips to analyze the main reasons for the decline in organic search traffic.

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In an article written by Google’s Daniel Waisberg, the main reasons for the decline in search traffic were identified as:

  • Technical issues
  • Security issues
  • Manual Actions
  • Algorithmic changes
  • Search interest disruption

Analyzing A Drop in Google Search Traffic

Google said that the best way to understand what’s happening with website traffic is to open its Search Console performance report and view the main image.

The shape of the analysis line will provide you with some information.

Use the following seven techniques to delve into the data:

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Change the date range to include 16 months: This will help you analyze the traffic drop in context and ensure that it is not a drop that happens every year.

Compare the drop period to a similar period: This will help you see exactly what has changed. Find out whether the impact involves a specific query, URL, country, device, or search event.

Analyze different search types separately: This will help you understand whether the crash you are seeing occurred on a web search, Google Images, Video, or News tab.

A search interest disruption: People can start looking for different queries or use their devices for different purposes. If there are fewer people searching for your ranking query, it may result in a drop in traffic.

Seasonality: For example, Google Trends shows that food-related queries have a strong seasonality: people search for food in January, turkey in November, and champagne in December. Different industries have different degrees of seasonality.

Check top queries in your region and compare them to the queries that you’re getting traffic from: If you find a query that is not getting traffic, even if you have content on the topic, make sure it is crawled and indexed.

Check queries that are related to important topics: This may lead to an increase in related queries, allowing you to optimize before your search interest is stimulated.

Source: See Google’s full article.


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