How to Check Core Web Vitals Affects Your SEO Rankings? John Muller Explains

John Mueller of Google answered a question about how to see if a Page Experience update affected your SEO rankings.

Mueller explained if the core web vital ranking factors affect website rankings and what to look for to know when and when.

20% of Rankings Lost for a Site

One person shared that his site lost 20% of organic search traffic after Google announced that the page experience update had begun.

The decrease in traffic was immediately felt.

They asked if solving major problems on the Internet would be of great help in recovering traffic, and how long it would take for location signals to affect traffic.

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How to Check if Page Experience Update Affected a Site or Not?

Google’s John Mueller clearly explained how to determine if the position change was due to a page experience update.

Mueller only asked if the change was felt immediately after the update was completed, and the person who asked the question claimed that this was the case and the change was felt immediately.

Traffic Increase and Drop from Update are Gradual

The person who asked the question asked John Mueller if the gradual impact on this ranking would be the same for sites with increased traffic as a result of refreshing the page.

John nods and confirms that this is a way to experience the positive effects of the update.

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Google Page Experience Updates

John Mueller shared great information about how the page experience update feels.

This is useful for diagnosing sudden changes in assessment.

This is because we found that the effect of the evaluation was gradually felt both positively and negatively.

This feedback is important because it shows that it is difficult to correlate observations with classification changes.

In many cases, the editor or SEO can lower the ranking after confirming that something has happened.

But sometimes it’s just a coincidence.

Therefore, it is good to be open and not stop looking for other causes.

It may be pointless to assume that the most obvious and obvious reason is the explanation for the change in classification.

Mueller also confirmed that these updates do not require a “major update” to update the ranking factor.

Source: English Google SEO office-hours from September 24, 2021

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