How To Check Google Ranking For Keywords in 2021

When it comes to increasing organic traffic, increasing the number of visitors who arrive at your website or web page through Google Search.

One of the best ways to measure how SEO optimize content progresses in SERP? is to track keyword rank positions.

But keyword rank checkers are expensive, so here, I’m showing you how to check Google ranking for keywords using a free tool called Google Search Console and Google SERP to monitor and track the progress of your content based on keywords.

Let’s see

Tools used to check Google ranking for keywords

  1. Google SERP (Free)
  2. Google Search Console (Free)
  3. Semrush (Paid)
  4. Ahrefs (Paid)

Google SERP for keyword rank checking

One of the best ways to check keyword ranking is using Google SERP. Follow the below steps to check your keyword rankings in Google SERP.

  1. Search your keyword on google 
  2. Check your website appearing on which page and number
  3. Note down and track it frequently.

It’s easy if your keyword ranking on the first, second, or third page, but if it’s ranking on the fiftieth, sixtieth, or eightieth, it’s quite hectic and time-consuming.

Semrush Keyword Rank Tracker

And here is Semrush, another SEO tool, a paid tool showing similar things, the keyword, and the positions. 

And of course, what it does extra here is it shows you the estimated monthly search volume. 

Ahrefs Keyword Rank Tracker

And finally, another great SEO tool – Ahrefs, is showing very similar things. The keyword, the estimated monthly search volume, and the position of that keyword as per the SERP.

Now, when it comes to keyword rank trackers, they come in many flavors, and the best ones tend to be free. And these include Ahrefs, AccuRanker, SEMrush, SEOmonitor, and Rank Ranger. 

And these can range from $100 to a few thousand dollars per month. 

And if you’re just a small business owner SEO paying for these could be quite expensive. your

So that’s why I recommend that we look into a free tool provided by Google called Search Console because anyone can add that to their website. 

Let’s see

Google Search Console

Now, first of all, a page can rank for more than just one keyword. 

In fact, for this particular piece of content that I’ve created for a Client from Google Search Console. 

And what we can see are different keywords or queries for this particular page or piece of content that has attracted in terms of clicks, impressions, got click-through rates, and the position of this piece of content according to these keywords for that particular SERP.

How to use GSC as a free keyword rank checking tool?

In this instance, the Performance tab has Search Results and Discover. 

Now, if I go to another property or website that I have access to, you can see here the Performance tab is in this initial part of the Menu, and it has Index and Enhancements. 

And depending on your website, Google Search Console will show you a slightly different dashboard, but essentially it’s the same thing.

So going back to this website which is one of my websites, find how your pages or content keywords are ranking, head over to the Performance tab. 

And in this case, I go over and click on the Search Results. And straight off the bat, this information is designed to overwhelm you because it doesn’t provide you with much clarity.

It is an aggregate of everything across your entire website. 

And when we think about tracking keywords and seeing what position they are ranking, we want it to be quite granular.

To be specific, we want to see how a particular page is ranking for our target keyword or keywords. 

So the first thing you have to do is to apply filters.

For example, take this piece of content SEO photographers. And what we’re going to see now is only data that pertains to this particular page. 

And this is when we can finally click across to the queries tab to see all the keywords associated with this particular piece of content. 

Now, for this, we are interested in keyword position, so we are going to disable the other three toggles and only click on the average position. 

How does Google define average position? 

Well, the Google search results page is composed of many search result elements. Search result elements include blue links sanctions, carousels, featured snippets, knowledge graph cards, and many other types of result features. 

A single search result element can include text, interactive features, and one or more links. Most of the search result elements have a numeric position value describing the position on the page. 

How does the Google search console calculate average position?

Average Position is the average ranking of your website link for the keyword or keywords. 

For example, if your site’s link appeared at position 4 for one keyword and position 6 for another keyword, the average position would be 5 ((4+6)/2). 

How do we make sense of what we’ve seen?

So when it comes to tracking keyword ranking, there are two measurements that I like to do. The first is to see where my content is performing or how visible that page is right now. 

And secondly, the second type of thing that I like to see is how is that keyword position fluctuating or trending across time? 

So let’s do the first situation. 

So, far we’ve applied a country filter and now a time filter. 

So, that can see Google Search Console data, the most recent data. 

And what this gives us now are a bunch of keywords and their average position.  

So this gives you an indication of how your page is performing per keyword. 

So unlike paid keyword rank checkers, this does not automatically update for you, and it won’t show you an absolute position, and it won’t show you the immediate change based on its last update. 

And I guess that’s why it’s free, you have to manually dig out the data, but at least this data is yours, and the best thing about Google Search Console is that you can do so much more than tracking keywords.

If you haven’t added your website to Google Search Console, we highly recommend that because GSC is one of the most powerful, and informative tools you can get your hands on. 

The best thing about this is it’s completely free. 

Final Thoughts

So these are the ways where you can check google ranking for keywords.

Tools are helpful when you have to track hundreds or thousands of keywords. 

But if you have to track only 5-10 keywords, then I suggest a manual process as it’s easy and accurate too.

So, how you are going to check google ranking for keywords, or do you prefer any other method, please let us know in the comments below.


Which is the best keyword tracking tools?

Semrush, & Ahrefs are the best keyword tracking tools available online.

How do I check my keyword ranking?

Search your keyword on google, Check on which page and number your website appearing and Note down and track it frequently.

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