How to Check Page Experience Factors 2021

In a brand new video, Google gives recommendation on how to test in case your web website online meets all of the non-Core Web Vitals web page revel in elements.

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The video is a brand new installment of Google’s Getting Started With Page Experience collection on YouTube.

Google explains that it corporations the web page revel in rating elements into categories: Core Web Vitals and the whole thing else.

This video makes a speciality of the whole thing else. Specifically it teaches SEOs how to test for:

  • Mobile friendliness
  • HTTPS usage
  • Lack of intrusive interstitials

Along with Core Web Vitals, Google believes those are crucial to imparting customers with a advanced experience.

Here’s the way to affirm and tune how your pages are doing for every of those factors.

Mobile Friendliness

Mobile friendliness refers to a particular listing of problems that purpose horrific consumer stories on cell devices.

If your internet site is constructed with a modern, responsive layout then it probable meets all of the standards for being cell friendly.

In short, Google exams to ensure textual content isn’t too small to read, hyperlinks aren’t too small to tap, and there aren’t any essential symptoms and symptoms that a domain isn’t optimized for cell devices.

Google recommends a few modifications that may assist make sure a domain is extra well suited with cell devices:

  • Make sure content is scaled to the right size when people open your site.
  • Set a minimum height and width for tappable elements.

These optimizations, so as to possibly require the help of a developer, can save you consumer frustration and create a smoother navigation enjoy at some point of your entire webweb page.

There are different elements of cell friendliness that would require extra work, including eliminating previous plugins like Flash.

You can test to peer of precise URLs meet Google’s standards with the cell friendliness checker, and you may test your whole webweb page with Search Console.

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This is a trustworthy check. Your webweb page both makes use of HTTPS or it doesn’t. If it does then you definitely byskip the check.

In addition, it’s profitable to affirm that the rel=”canonical” is about to the HTTPS model of your domain.

Lastly, make certain all non-HTTPS visitors is redirected to the HTTPS variations of URLs.

No Intrusive Interstitials

This element also can be known as a loss of demanding popups.

There’s no automatic device for checking this, however in case your webweb page makes use of automatic popups you’re possibly aware about it already.

In general, Google recommends heading off masking a the complete web page with some thing beside the point to it.

Users need to now no longer be required to disregard an interstitial earlier than they are able to engage with the web page. Ads on a web page need to now no longer be disruptive to what a consumer is making an attempt to accomplish.

It’s crucial to notice that those necessities don’t observe to interstitials which are used for:

  • Legal reasons (such as age verification)
  • Cookies
  • User logins
  • Subscription paywalls

Checking AMP Pages

Google has a separate device for checking AMP pages, though it’s likely they’re all passing the page experience factors already.

You may be certainly certain through making use of the AMP page experience checker.

Source: Google Search Central 

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