How to Create Google Web Stories?

Google published an article and video explaining how to create google web stories online and monetize new traffic channels.

The video has gone through the entire process from planning a network story to publishing from beginning to end.

The video claims to be able to create an web story online in five minutes.

But in my opinion, it may take longer. However, online web stories are published in the grasp of most publishers, and this is the main content of the videos and blog posts released by Google.

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Google Web Stories

Google Web Stories is a new form of content designed to provide brief, informative content bursts.

Target users are people who may be on public transportation or inactive for a period of time and want to consume content but are not committed to long articles.

Web stories can be seen as a new channel to obtain network traffic and can display advertisements. However, this is not a way to direct traffic to your regular content.

Therefore, online web stories should be treated as their own content type, just as video or podcast content is treated as a separate channel for more traffic and advertising revenue. Web stories are promoted on Google Search, Discover and Images.

Google Web Stories Penalties

Google can take punitive measures against publishers who abuse the Web Stories format and use it to display only a small amount of content to induce users to click on normal parts of the site.

How to Convert a Video into a Google Web Story

How to Create Google Web Stories in 2022

There are s five steps for creating web stories:

  • Step 1. Choose a visual editor
  • Step 2. Draft the story
  • Step 3. Find the visual assets
  • Step 4. Create the Web Story
  • Step 5. Publish the Web Story

Step 1: Choosing a Visual Editor

Web stories are composed of panels, just as users go from one page to another. Each panel contains short text, images and even videos.

Visual editors are software, plug-ins or online services that help editors create online stories.

The editor contains a graphical user interface that allows the editor to design each panel of the web story.

Publishers using WordPress can choose to use the official Web Stories WordPress plugin.

Google has a range of other web story tools to help publishers create web stories.

Step 2. Draft the Story

Google recommends creating an outline that shows the content in each panel of the web story.

Google’s suggestion is to create a narrative. Narrative is like a story.

A story has a beginning, a middle, and an end (usually a solution), and there may even be an epilogue that summarizes the narrative and ends the narrative. The point is that the best online google web story is created as a story with a beginning and an end.

Google provides a very simple PDF template to help you make a narrative called Web Story-Script Template (PDF)

3. Find the Visual Assets

The next step is to collect images and videos to be used in online web stories.

It should be noted that the online web story format is vertical, just like a mobile phone screen.

This vertical format extends to video, and video must be formatted vertically.

4. Create the Web Story

Google recommends using the pre-designed templates provided by the visual editor.

Once publishers gain experience, they can expand and create their own unique templates to incorporate any type of website branding or unique visual identity.

5. Publish the Web Story

Once you are satisfied with the online web story, you can publish it.

According to Google, no matter what tool or plug-in is, it is as simple as clicking the publish button.

Google Web stories are an opportunity to gain a foothold in new sources of traffic that your competitors may not know about.

I like the advantage of being the first to move because all the benefits can be obtained without competition.

Whether the website is about personal injury, web design techniques, or hardware products, there is an opportunity to increase visibility and promote your website through this new format.


Five Steps to Create Your First Web Story

Google Web Stories Developer Page

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