How to Deal With Old Low Quality Content- John Muller Explains

Google’s John Mueller was asked how to deal with old, low-quality content.

Would it be better to delete content? Or is it better to rewrite old, poor-quality content?

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Old Low Quality Content

John Mueller treats this question as two questions. The first part of your answer focuses on whether the content is considered low quality because it is out of date.

The second part of your answer addresses the question of what can be done with real low-quality content.

This is an important question. Some people treat bad content like weeds and let it disappear.

This is also true for some types of content that is outdated.

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Improving Old Content

There are content that cannot be improved, such as outdated subject content.

Examples of content types that may not be repairable are buying guides for products that are no longer produced, such as pagers or old-fashioned TVs.

Other types of content can be improved. A common example is the hundreds of city pages created using templates.

They are the same, where city names are replaced and text blocks are changed to create unique content combinations using the exact same dozen content blocks.

Strategies like this are outdated and easily spotted by search engines.

But these pages can be fixed with some creativity and hard work. Sometimes it’s best to redirect old and bad content to newer and better content on the same or similar topics.

This is the easiest way to deal with old and bad content.

There are many ways to fix old and low-quality content.

As John Mueller said, two of them are to improve or delete it.

Source: English Google SEO office-hours from June 25, 2021

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