How To Improve Product Pages Ranking – John Muller Suggestions

Google’s John Mueller answered questions about how to rank product pages.

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The person asking the question is creating content for their ranking, but these pages have no effect on the search visibility of the product page.

Mueller offered his thoughts on what to do.

Why Product Pages Not Rank Compare To Blogpost?

The people who asked the question shared how they created blog content that ranks well but doesn’t help the ranking of the product page.

Google’s John Mueller

Generally speaking, it is almost impossible to obtain a link to a product page.

However, unless these pages are promoted, it will be difficult for them to reach the top position.

John recognizes the difficulty of ranking product pages.

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Google Shopping Feed Could Be Solution

Next, Mueller recommends using Google Shopping Feed, because some content may appear in organic search results.

Optimize Products Pages Internal Linking

Mueller seems very excited about the internal links between blog posts and product pages.

This is a basic but useful SEO strategy for determining what kind of content people are excited about linking to, creating that content, and then requesting the link.

Embedded in the content are links to product pages.

Then you can filter the obtained popular page links to important product pages.

Internal Linking Best Practice

If you have a long category of blog post types, the challenge may be to easily link many different products from there.

By linking to many different products, you say yes, everything is a little bit related, but nothing is really relevant.

And if you link to certain products from these pages, then you can…really say…These are very important products.

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Set Priorities for Which Products Most Important to Promote

This is why you don’t have to focus on things that are misclassified now, but on things that interest you.

So if you say that these products are your most profitable products, or the most popular products, or perhaps the easiest products to sell, and so on, then through internal links, you can…promote them a little bit.

Over time, the rankings on these product pages will also change with truly powerful internal links.

What if Internal Linking to Product Pages Already Optimized?

The person who asked the question commented that they are already using the Google Shopping feed and that they also link to a single product in each blog post that is specific to the topic of the type of product sold in the online store.

Google’s John Mueller pointed out that they seem to be doing the right thing.

Link to Selective Products from Home Page

Mueller claims the benefit of linking some (but not all) product pages from the homepage.

What he seems to want to convey is the importance of highlighting the best or most popular products for stronger promotion.

High Ranking Competition

In some market segments, there may be competitors doing things that are difficult to replicate, which gives them an advantage.

In this case, a lower ranking is actually a strong competitor ranking better on the page that prevents it from ranking, not a bad thing.

Trying to find the problem is not always the best way to optimize page ranking.

Sometimes, it can be helpful to determine what is missing on that page (such as a product comparison or a better description to make the product page more useful).

Mueller admits that sometimes it’s just fierce competition.

Source: English Google SEO office-hours from July 23, 2021

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