How to Optimize job postings for Google? Best Practices

Google says companies are missing out on job listing optimization and advises on how to improve them.

Entering the hottest recruitment season on record, qualifying for a qualified candidate will help you find the right person for the job while reviewing fewer resumes.

How can I do that?

Add information to the description field.

Companies don’t include enough details in their field, which can lead to a large number of applications from people who aren’t fit for the job.

In addition, businesses can lose applications from the ideal people for their job.

Telling exactly what you are looking for as an employer is best for your business and best for job seekers.

They never waste time applying for jobs that they never get, and they don’t waste time looking at offers from people who don’t have the experience or qualifications you’re looking for.

This is an easy way to improve your work and attract the right talent to the right position.

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How do I optimize my job on Google?

By making some changes to the descriptive fields, companies can instantly make their work more attractive.
The job description section of Google Search contains only the text of the Structured Data Description feature of the job description.

It does not contain default information about qualifications, skills and benefits.

If your job title requires that information, you must enter it in the description field.

According to Google, this is a screenshot showing what the full description section should look like.

google search job postings
Screenshot from, November 2021.

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The following job listings contain all the relevant information you need to make informed decisions about whether you are interested in applying for a job.

Email placements like the one above can be created using Structured Data Annotations on

Structured data contains credential fields, but this important information isn’t immediately visible to search engines.

The first thing job seekers see is the description section.

From there, they can decide whether to apply for or pass a post without going into the details.

By customizing the layout of your scheme as recommended by Google, you can be confident that you will have more information on which to base your decisions.

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Other Best Practices to Market Your Job Postings

Not only is Google concerned about helping businesses find the employees they need, but LinkedIn is also working deeply on it.

LinkedIn recently released an update to Company Pages that includes new ways to attract and retain talent.

Companies can emphasize policies on vaccination, remote working, and other matters that workers currently prioritize.

Today’s people want a job that allows them to lead a quality life outside of work, as well as salary and benefits.

Source: Google Search Central

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