How to Optimize Keywords in Content – John Muller Explains | June 21 Update

If H1, meta tags, and keyword positioning on the page become obsolete due to all the advancements in search, Google’s John Mueller responded. John affirmed the value of using keywords (within the limits) and correctly assigning words to topics.

The person who asked the question mentioned that they had an “instruction” specifying the use of keywords in the content. He suspects that the directive may be outdated.

Content Keyword Ratio

John Mueller first answered the part about requiring keywords to be mentioned a certain number of times in the article.

This is a reference to the keyword ratio, that is, the percentage of times the keyword phrase is mentioned on the page.

There is a view that Google’s algorithm responds well to a specific percentage of the content of the target keyword appearing on the page.

For example, there are content authoring software that can track top-ranking websites and suggest keyword ratios and other suggestions for target keyword phrases.

The idea of ​​mentioning keywords multiple times can be traced back to the first search engine, before Google.

Don’t Over Focus Keywords

Mueller went on to explain the importance of using keywords, but he also cautioned against becoming obsessed with keywords.

Keywords Matter But Word Counting Does Not?

Mueller affirmed the value of using keywords in the content, saying that it is important that the words used on the page correspond to the topic. This seems to be an interesting topic, and will hear expansion in the future.

Source: English Google SEO office-hours from June 4, 2021 


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