If PBN is Leaked, Will Google Penalize? – John Muller May 2021 Update

If PBN is Leaked, Will Google Penalize - John Muller May 2021 Update

Google’s John Mueller said it’s easy to find a PBN (Private Blog Network) linking scheme, and “no one has to filter PBN” to Google for Google to know.

He said: “They are very obvious for the proper tools and basic scripts.”

John said this on Twitter, then added, “PBN is nothing unique, they are just link schemes like many years ago.” He said Google “will respond to link schemes with various algorithms and manual methods.” “John added,” We have a lot of exercises, many of which are fully automated. ”

Over the years, Google has manually fined a large number of PBNs, but now it appears that most of them are automated and Google may not count links through PBN.

Source: Twitter

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