Importance of GMB for Local Search – John Muller Explains

John Mueller from Google answered the question about the SEO differences between information search queries and local service queries.

Mueller answered this question and went on to explain what businesses must do to rank in local search queries, and emphasized the importance of Google My Business (GMB).

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Difference Between Local and Informational Search Queries

A “local search query” is a search question that someone enters into Google when searching for a service or store located in their geographic area.

Examples of local search businesses could be plumbers, restaurants, retail stores, or lawyers.

Information search queries are queries where searchers try to find information, such as movie casts, product reviews, or instructions on how to cook Hungarian goulash.

Local Versus Informational Web Pages SEO

The question is what is the difference between local search query and information page query in terms of SEO.

The questioner’s thinking seems to be that the search intent is different, so the SEO for these two queries must be different.

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Local and Informational Intent

Google’s John Mueller responded that as far as the page itself is concerned, the same SEO considerations apply regardless of whether the page is used for local services or information pages.

It may seem surprising at first glance, but it continues to explain the main differences in how local search pages are promoted, and the answers make the most sense.

Therefore, I think what you are talking about is the SEO considerations between webpages optimized for local search queries and webpages optimized for local search queries (such as title tags, meta descriptions, title usage, page content, and even structured data) Are the same. optimization. Used for information-rich search queries.

Source: English Google SEO office-hours from July 23, 2021

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