Instagram is not a Photo Sharing App Now – Adam Mosseri

Adam Mosseri, CEO of Instagram, announced the further expansion of the video business, and said that his company’s application is more than just sharing photos.

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In a video posted on social media, Mosseri stated that Instagram is currently creating new experiences in four key areas.

The company’s top priority is creators and help them earn a living through new monetization features.

Mosseri acknowledged that power has been transferred from institutions to people in all industries, and he hopes Instagram will move in this direction.

The second is video. At present, online video on all major platforms is growing substantially.

Mosseri said that Instagram needs to rely more on video, and then explained how it plans to do so.

The third area Instagram plans to expand is shopping.

The pandemic has accelerated the transition from offline to online commerce, and has moved the industry forward for several years.

Instagram is trying to capitalize on this trend.

The fourth area that Instagram plans to develop is messaging, which Mosseri says has become the main way people connect with close friends on the app.

In the past five years, communication has shifted from posts and news stories to direct news.

Mosseri shared more information about how Instagram plans to expand its video products and get new content in front of more users.

“We are no longer a photo sharing app,” Mosseri said before launching his company’s video program.

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Instagram research found that the number one reason people use the app is for entertainment.

This is what people look for every time they open it. In order to make users happy, Instagram will be more inclined to video.

Mosseri admits that the competition from TikTok and YouTube is fierce, which means Instagram has a lot of work to catch up.

The company is accepting this challenge through a series of changes committed to implementing in the near future.

One of the changes is a new way of distributing content and introducing users to a wider range of creators.

In the next few months, Instagram will experience more in the recommended field.

This means showing users in your account feed that they may not have followed.

The first version of the test was implemented last week.

There is a new test this week in which users can say what they want to see more or less. Instagram will also experience how to use video as a content format. Mosseri briefly mentioned expectations:

Finally, the company hopes to be more transparent in the communication of upcoming changes, noting that these plans represent ongoing efforts, rather than overnight changes.

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