Instagram Live Audio Feature Launched April 2021 Update

Instagram Live Audio Feature Launched April 2021 Update

The goal of Instagram is to adopt another popular application.

After recently mimicking TikTok by posting Instagram Reels, the photo-sharing app is trying to compete with Clubhouse and provide a new feature for its live sessions.

People can now stream pure audio on the platform for real-time conversations, just like in Clubhouse.

Instagram audio-only Live videos

It is recommended that people can turn off the camera when they go live on Instagram, so that they can have a voice chat with people.

Although this is not exactly similar to Clubhouse, it is at least a step in the same direction and can help Facebook apps to some extent.

Similarly, you can also mute the audio during a live session, which is also a feature available in the Clubhouse, so you can participate in the live broadcast.

The difference here is that the user does not need to have a real-time conversation to do so.

Broadcasters will also not be able to disable videos for other people.

However, Instagram is expected to introduce more controls for them in the future.


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