Is Google Penalizing Scholarship Link Building?

Is Google Penalizing Scholarship Link Building?

A popular and well-respected SEO agency published an article introducing a client who contacted them.

The only unusual thing is that customers are manually punished for establishing scholarship links.

This is a popular strategy that is known to be suspicious.

This article was published by Jim Boykin, a search marketing expert at Internet Marketing Ninjas.

This article introduces your low considerations and doubts about the scholarship link establishment strategy, and this is the first time you have seen it under manual operation.

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Scholarship Link Building

Scholarship link building is a link building strategy that has worked many years ago.

The way it works is that law firms provide scholarships to college students who write essays on a certain topic.

It is expected that the law school will issue an announcement and link to the law firm that provides scholarships.

This is a variation of the philanthropic link-building strategy in the early 2000s, in which companies donate money and get links in return.

The key is to donate to charity and get in touch. The link is not paid directly.

However, these links are irrelevant to the context, and there are no real quotes or “link voting” endorsed by the legal office.

Google Ignores Scholarship Links

Usually, Google seems to just ignore the scholarship link.

Ignoring links is Google’s method of dealing with low-quality links. Establishing scholarship links is a broad strategy, and if Google starts to punish them, it could be harmful.

High-quality legal sites will disappear from search results, and no one can win in this case.

Therefore, it makes sense for Google to ignore such links. Google tends to manually punish sneaky offensive strategies, which are difficult to avoid with algorithms with the necessary precision to avoid penalizing innocent websites.

Manual punishment is for situations that require careful observation under certain circumstances.

Google Penalizing Scholarship Link Building?

Jim Boykin’s article claims that Google’s manual operations cited two guest articles and a scholarship link building link as examples of the types of links considered to be manipulative.

Jim also pointed out that law firms that are subject to manual sanctions also have a lot of paid bonds. I think that based on my experience in helping the website recover from fines, paid links may be links that mark the site for manual manipulation, while guest posts and scholarship links have been ignored, but they are considered an example of manipulativeness. .

The advantage of Jim Boykin’s article is that Google clearly calls it a scholarship link building strategy. Is this the beginning of a wave of manual punishment for scholarship link building? Just wait and see. But even if not, it can be said with certainty that Google has ignored these links.

Source: Scholarship Link Building – Penalized!

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