Is Lighthouse good for SEO? John Muller Explains

Google Lighthouse is the most recommended tool for measuring Core Web Vitals and other performance metrics.

So that should affect SEO, right?


If the question from the SEO is based on something, Lighthouse‘s capabilities are greatly overestimated.

Google’s John Mueller answered one of these questions on Reddit’s r / SEO forum this week.

You will be asked about Lighthouse’s poor performance score and whether it negatively impacts your organic search rankings.

Users have pointed out that they were able to raise their score from 6 to 21, but given the maximum score of 100, there’s still a long way to go.

Does Lighthouse performance score affect SEO?

Fortunately for them, the lighthouse score does not directly affect SEO.

Also, the score of 21 may not be as bad as this person thinks.

Mueller explains why.

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Lighthouse Scores & SEO Relation – Google’s John Mueller Explains

Mueller begins with a noticeable improvement as he moves from score 6 to score 21.

When visitors visit your site, you’ll have a better experience.

This is good even if you remove SEO from the comparison.

Lighthouse scores are a measure of your site’s usability, but Google doesn’t use them for search.


Lighthouse scores are based on lab data, and Google is more focused on the performance of the site experienced by real visitors.

“Going from 6 to 21 will probably be noticable to users, so you have that effect independently of SEO.

Google doesn’t use the X/100 lighthouse score for search, we use the core web vitals separately (lcp, cls, fid). I think you can get those from Lighthouse too, but there are lots of other tools that also show them.

Google uses the values as users see them, which requires a certain amount of traffic first. If this is a smaller site (I don’t know), you might not have enough traffic anyway, so that wouldn’t be a factor (Search Console shows if it has data).”

Google does not use lighthouse scores calculated from experimental data, so it is based on field data collected from real visitors.

If your website doesn’t have a lot of traffic, Google doesn’t have enough field data to calculate your core web vital score.

In such situations, the lighthouse score is even less reliable.

Muller reminds the original contributor that the increase in rankings provided by the Core Web Vitals / Page Experience update does not replace relevance.

Websites with bad scores can be ranked even if their content is related to the user’s query.


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