LinkedIn Launched Event Ads and Boosted Posts – May 2021 Updates

LinkedIn Launched Event Ads and Boosted Posts - May 2021 Updates

The company announced on Tuesday that LinkedIn has launched event announcements and the ability to “Boost” organic posts from brand pages.

In addition to these advertising products, the professional network platform also announced the integration of custom streams and mobile page analysis.

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“Boosted” posts

Brands can now increase the reach of their posts directly from their LinkedIn page. This feature is called “boost” and creates a campaign on the ad account associated with your page.

To promote a post, click the “Promote” button above the post you want to promote. Then, you will choose a goal for your post (site visits, post awareness, event awareness, post engagement or video views).

Then, you will select the audience type for your drive post (based on profile, interest-based or LinkedIn audience template).

You also need to specify the language and location of the audience profile, select or exclude more targeting criteria, set a daily budget and schedule a release.

Note: Posts can only be enhanced once, and only single image posts and events can be enhanced at this time. Posts containing Pulse surveys, documents, job postings or articles are currently not eligible for boost.

Event Ads

This new ad format will appear in the LinkedIn feed and highlight important details of the event, such as the date, time, and registration method.

If the user’s interconnection expresses an interest in participating, it will also be displayed.

LinkedIn has also launched an event analysis tool to provide event organizers with metrics such as participant/visitor engagement related to event posts, total number of participants, unique access to the event, the most important job function, and the number of live broadcast attendance And the number of viewers.

Custom Streaming and Mobile Page Analytics

In addition to the latest advertising products, LinkedIn also announced two features that enhance the usability of the platform: personalized streaming and mobile page analysis.

Through custom broadcasting, users can use LinkedIn Live for real-time broadcasting through Zoom, WebEx and OBS, and it is planned to launch integration for Microsoft Teams in the next few months.

Mobile page analysis brings data from LinkedIn page analysis to the platform’s mobile application, allowing users to view visitor and follower metrics and information about content.

Boosted posts can enable brands to convey information to a wider audience without having to learn or use new marketing tools.

This is especially useful if you just want to promote one-off events or product launches.

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