LinkedIn Stories No More after 30th Sept – Sept 2021 Update

LinkedIn Stories follows the path of the Twitter fleet as the company announced that the feature will be removed at the end of September.

Facts have proved that story is not a panacea function, it will be popular on all social media platforms.

LinkedIn found that users like the idea of ​​adding more video content to their profiles, but stories are not the right way.

Here is more information about why Stories failed on LinkedIn, what this means for users and advertisers, and the company’s future plans.

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Why Stories failed on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn admitted in an ad that it made false assumptions about users’ demand for casual video products such as stories.

In other words, users like stories, but they don’t like the fact that stories disappear.

Maybe the user thinks that knowing the story is not permanent, and creating a story for LinkedIn is not worth it.

LinkedIn didn’t just keep the story going forever, it removed the feature and committed to something new.

When LinkedIn Removing Stories?

Starting September 30, 2021, LinkedIn will remove the current experience from Stories.

For users, this means that they will no longer be able to create stories for the page.

For advertisers who plan to place ads between stories, the ads will be shared on the main LinkedIn feed.

Stories promoted directly from the page in Campaign Manager will not appear in the LinkedIn feed.

They should be remade as image or video ads.

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What’s Next Plan Of LinkedIn?

LinkedIn plans to use what it has learned from the story to transform the product into a reinvented video experience.

It is said that this new experience is richer and more conversational than the story.

LinkedIn pointed out that users like the creative tools built into the story editor.

Features such as stickers and “Daily Questions” messages help users create more creative and attractive videos.

However, users prefer that they can enhance the video in a more professional environment.

They also want to be able to edit videos on LinkedIn, not just in specific characters such as stories.

LinkedIn did not disclose more details about the video experience it is developing or when it will launch, but you should now have a general idea of ​​where the feature is going.


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