List Genius Review – DFY Email Marketing Autopilot System

List Genius

$ 9.95

Ease of Use


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  • You Keep 100% Of The Profits
  • 100% Hassle Free
  • Autopilot System
  • Exclusive Bonuses
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee


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List Genius Review

List Genius Review – Would you like a super fast & super easy way to build your list & make money from it starting today? Off-course you would!

That’s why starting today you’r going to get your list building and every single of follow up emails sorted for the next 6 months!

We’have all heard the phrase “The Money Is In The List” and we all know it’s the holy grail of Internet marketing. But dammit it’s just not that easy is it?

I mean if it really was that easy everybody would be doing it, and we’d all be lying around the beach catching some ray’s.

While our list of hungry email subscribers funded our extravagant lifestyles!

If you ever wanted to build list or you have tried and failed. Don’t worry! It’s not your fault!

You have been lied to time and time again about how easy it is about how all you have to do is push a magic button and the money will come rolling in.

You can’t get subscribe on to your list and send them a random email, it’s not simple as that.

You also need to find quality affiliate products to promote and then you have to create huge bunch of professionally written, sales getting emails to send out to those new subscribers everyday like clockwork.

Otherwise you are just wasting your time even getting them on your list…

It’s sounds hard and sounds like lot of work, because it is!

Looks, there’s no disputing that good list bring in money in fact it can bring in great money!

And this might be easy for a techy or for an experienced marketer with a team of professionals working under them.

But for the average person this is all just way to hard!!

I feel your pain because I know this from first hand experience!

When I first started I did everything wrong Nobody on my list bought anything. I had tons of unsubscribes every time I sent out an email.

I didn’t send regularly and my subscribers even forget who I was and though I was spam. My list become a Barren Wasteland! I literally lost thousands of dollars because of stupid avoidable mistakes!

So I threw lot in the bin Unsubscribed everyone on my list and started again from scratch & this time I learned from the masters how to do it right.

But great news is you don’t have to same  mistakes that I did, you can even skip the whole learning process & go straight to success.

Well now you don’t have to worry because their is very fast and easy solution. & that solutions is…List Genius.

So, let’s checkout the List Genius review

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About List Genius

List Genius is DFY Email Marketing System where you get everything you need to look after your email list for 6 month’s!

Imagine having all those emails lined up and ready to send to your subscribers starting today.

Well you don’t have to imagine anymore because today that will be your new reality.

Are you thinking “that sound’s awesome but I don’t have any subscribers yet”?

That’s ok that also covered by List Genius.

Creator :- Rob Ainge


  • Over 150 professionally written affiliate emails ready to go
  • 26 Bonus products for your subscribers (and you) to download
  • Bonus List Building Tools, including an awesome lead magnet to attract subscribers on to your list.
  • Access to the 7 minute shortcut.
  • Video Tutorials showing you how to set everything up – watch over my shoulder as I set up the complete campaign
  • Easy Instructions – No Tech Knowledge Required.
  • Members Area
  • Full Support
  • Access to the Private Facebook Group

✅ Pros

  • You Keep 100% Of The Profits
  • 100% Hassle Free
  • Autopilot System
  • Exclusive Bonuses
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

❌ Cons

  • Not Found any

💲 Price

  • Actual List Genius price is $ 19. 95 but if you ordered now will get it at discounted price of $ 9.95 only [Limited Time Offer, Get Instant Access Now]

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Why List Genius

Till now of List Genius Review we have check it’s features, pros, cons & price. now let’s check why you should get this & how it will provide benefits.

Just take a moment and have a think about…

  • How many email lists you are currently on?
  • How many marketers send you emails every single day with irresistible offers?
  • How often have you bought something from those emails

Every time  you buy something from someone else emails then somebody else makes money from you.

How would it feel if it was you, who sending those emails to your own subscribes?

And it was you who making commissions every time someone bought something .

Just imagine being the master of your own list!

  • You are the one in charge
  • You are the one sending out emails everyday on autopilot
  • Imagine your name appearing everyday in someone else’s inbox

Think about how good it is going to feel when you finally starts seeing commissions coming in & how much respect you will have from your peers when you are bona fide Affiliate Marketer!

I bet that’ll feel pretty good right? In fact I know it does feel good! I know from personal experience how good it feels to get a notification that you made some money from somebody else spending their money!

Not only you get a 6 months worth of emails professionally written and ready to go but you get brand new lead magnet to capture your subscribers as well.

And you don’t even need a website…& best part is they have setup a shortcut that mean you can have all of these emails all lined up and ready to go in as little as 7 minutes!

You also get full support and full over the shoulder video training [its very easy]

So, you don’t need any techy know-how or experience.

You also get to keep 100% the profits from your emails.

All of the emails will be loaded with your affiliate links. So you will get all of the profits and benefits!

Set this up for one and then forget it. No matter when you add new subscribers they will receive the 1st scheduled email instantly and then 6 emails a week for the next 6 months putting affiliate sales in your pocket.

List Genius Bonuses

list genius bonuses



* Web N Tools Special Additional Free Bonuses [Worth $1500+]

1. Youtube Authority (Value $167.00)

youtube authority bonus

2. Youtube Channel SEO V2 Training (Value $197.00)

youtube seo v2 bonus

3. Video Marketing Profit Kit Training (Value $399.00)


Video Marketing profit kit bonus

4. How To Get 1 Million YouTube Subscribers Training (Value $247.00)

how to get 1 million youtube subscribers bonus training

5. Case study of making $2k (Value $199.00)

How To Claim Bonuses?

STEP #1: Clear your cookies/cache

Press CTRL + Shift + Delete to clear all the caches & cookies from your browser.

STEP #2: Claim Instant Discount

Click the ‘instant access button’ to get it at discounted price.

STEP #3: Forward the purchase receipt

After purchasing, please forward the purchase receipt to [email protected] and receive the bonuses within 48 hours.

claim my bonus button

Get Our Exclusive Bonuses Worth $15,00+ Right Now For Free!


Final Thoughts

Concluding List Genius Review:- It’s 100% hassle free and the closet thing you can get  to making money on Autopilot.

In fact its better than 99% discount!

I bet this is the best and most complete done for you package you have ever seen this year…if ever!

So, don’t delay and take advantage of such a ridiculously cheap price…

instant access button

Hope List Genius Review helps you in any way. Also check:- 100k Blueprint 4.0 Review

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