Manual Actions for UGC Spam – Google Warns May 2021 Update

Manual Actions for UGC Spam - Google Warns May 2021 Update

Google published a blog post advising publishers to prevent their website from being used for user-generated content (UGC) spam.

They warned that pages that tolerate UGC spam may be subject to the risk of manual penalties. Manual operation may cause loss of traffic.

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User Generated Content Spam

Spammers and link creators tend to create profiles on forums in order to keep the link in the profile and sometimes even in the post.

More and more forum spammers are beginning to hide their links in forum posts by turning their links black, so that they usually do not turn blue like links.

Google cited the following problematic UGC areas:

  • Forums
  • Guestbooks
  • Social media platforms
  • File uploaders
  • Free hosting services
  • Internal search services

Use Google Alerts to Fight Spam

Google suggests using Google alerts to receive warnings when creating spammy content on your site.

The way to do it is performing site colon searches (site 🙂 using spammy keywords, then configure a Google alert for those searches.

When a spammer creates spam using those keywords, it will activate a Google warning email.

Hunt Down UGC Spam

It can be prudent to treat this blog post article as an early warning that manual sanctions for UGC Spam are on track.

The best course of action is to review your site for spammy content, spammy links and spammy user profiles and get rid of them as soon as possible.

Do not assume that your site does not have spam. Check it today.

Source: Prevent Portions of Your Site from Being Abused by Spam

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