Math Problem Markup New Report Added in Google Search Console – May 2021 Update

Math Problem Markup New Report Added in Google Search Console - May 2021 Update

Google is adding new data to Search Console to help website owners track the occurrence of practice problems and math solvers for rich results.

Structured data markup for solving practical problems and math solvers was introduced in March to help sites take advantage of the increase in educational searches triggered by home learners.

Google says that exercise content and math help are the types of information students need most.

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Practice questions refer to materials that can help students evaluate their subject knowledge, while math solvers refer to explanations that can help students stand out when dealing with math problems.

Sites with qualified content can use the new tags to increase brand awareness in Google search results and may increase traffic due to increased visibility.

After introducing support for new structured data types, Google is getting faster and faster in providing website owners with data about the appearance of rich results.

This update of Search Console is a good example of Google’s expediency.

Math Solvers Markup

New reports in Search Console can help website owners monitor and debug markup issues related to practice questions and math solvers.

To access the data, navigate to the performance report and select practice question or math solver as the search appearance.

The report will display all errors, warnings and valid items on the page containing these new structured data types.

The data in the report allows website owners to understand what Google can and cannot read on the page. From there, they can fix any rich result errors.

After correcting the errors, you can use the same report to have Google re-crawl the affected pages and verify that the corrections have been made.

In addition, website owners can use Google’s rich results test to check the markup of structured data page by page by submitting a URL or copying and pasting code snippets.

It’s important to note that effective structured data markup does not guarantee that Google will display rich results on a given page.

Tagging can qualify a page to provide rich results based on Google’s judgment.

SourceGoogle Search Central

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