Microsoft IndexNow – New Way to Index Content [Launching Soon]

Microsoft has announced IndexNow, a major evolution in how all search engines detect and index content.

IndexNow is open source and open to all participating search engines.

When content is published or updated on your website, IndexNow will notify all participating search engines, significantly reducing indexing time.

The Index Now exchange between search engines will begin in November 2021.

There is a limit of 10,000 URLs per day.

The IndexNow protocol is open to all search engines that have a significant presence in at least one market.

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How Search Indexing Evolve from Pull to Push?

There are two ways search engines can retrieve data from web pages: Pull and Push.

Pull is when a search engine crawler visits a website, retrieves a web page, and “gets” data from a server.

This is the way search engines work traditionally.

What IndexNow does is switch content detection to push.

With this method, a CMS such as WordPress notifies search engines when content is published or updated.

The advantage for publishers is that they don’t have to wait for search engines to crawl and discover content.

Search engines will know it immediately and will visit your website to find new or updated pages.

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Who created IndexNow?

Microsoft and Yandex created IndexNow.

The protocol is open source and open to all search engines.

When a search engine is notified of an updated or modified web page, all participating search engines are notified.

What are the IndexNow Benefits for Publishers?

IndexNow benefits publishers by reducing server crawl requirements.

Search engines don’t have to crawl to verify that a web page has been updated, which reduces the time it takes to discover and index content.

By offloading the server, the server can function optimally without the extra amount of redundant web page services that search engines already have.

Ultimately, it benefits the world by reducing the energy required for crawling and indexing and reducing the pressure of global warming.

Which Companies are adopting IndexNow?

Microsoft has announced that large companies such as eBay, LinkedIn, MSN, GitHub, and Bizapedia are planning to move from the Bing URL Submission API to Index Now.

Since the merits of the new system are clear, it is suspected that other large companies will follow suit.

Therefore, SMEs may consider adopting new protocols to stay competitive and improve indexing.

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How Does the IndexNow Work?

There are three ways suggested for submitting URLs.

1. SEO Integration of IndexNow

The first way, OnCrawl and Botify have plans to integrate IndexNow.

2. Direct Submission through API

The second way is a direct submission through an API.

Developers can use an API to automatically submit URLs to IndexNow.

3. Integration with CMS and CDNs

However, the third method is for most sites to communicate with IndexNow and access the new protocol through features originally used in the core of the CMS used by the editor.

Wix and Duda are aware of the benefits to their users and are already planning to bring new features to their users.

Cloudflare and Akamai also support the new IndexNow protocol.

Importance Of IndexNow

IndexNow is very important because it makes a big difference in how search engines detect updated and recently published documents.

This benefits publishers with fast indexing and low server load, as bots are constantly crawling web pages.

Adoption by major search engines has led to the evolution of the relationship between publishers and search engines, both of which are profitable.


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