New Facebook Groups Features Launched 2021

Meta(formerly Facebook) introduces new features to Facebook groups to improve communication between members, strengthen the community, and give admins more ways to customize their look.

In addition, the company shares its vision for the future of the community on Facebook, bringing group and page characteristics together in one place.

Here’s a summary of all the announcements made at the recent Facebook Community Summit:

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New Options For Facebook Group Admins

Administrators can use these new features to make groups feel more unique.

  • Greeting message: Create a unique message that will be displayed when all new members join the group.
  • Feature sets: Preset collections such as placement formats, badges and management tools can be activated with a single click on a group.
  • Preferred formats: Select the format that members will use when posting to the group.
  • Customization: You can now customize the colors used in groups, post backgrounds, fonts, and emoji responses.

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Build Stronger Connections For Members

Members of the Facebook group can take advantage of the following new features to build stronger connections:

Subgroups: Meta tests the ability of Facebook group admins to create subgroups on a particular topic.

Recurring Events: Hold regular events for members to meet online or in person.

Community Awards: Give other members a virtual prize to honor valuable contributions.

Community Chats: Communicate in real time with other group members via Facebook or Messenger.

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New Ways To Manage Communities

New tools make it easier for administrators to manage groups.

Personalized Suggestions: Admin Assist now provides suggestions on which criteria to add and more information on why the content is disapproved.

Internal Chats: Administrators can now create group chats specifically for themselves and other moderators.

Pinned Announcements: Administrators can pin ads to the top of the group and choose the order in which they appear.

New Monetization & Fundraisers

The new toolset helps group managers maintain their communities through financing and monetization.

Raising Funds: Administrators can create community fundraiser for group projects to cover the cost of managing the group.

Paid Memberships: Create paid subgroups that members can subscribe to for a fee.

Selling Merchandise: Open a store in the group and sell the created products.

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Groups & Pages in one place

Facebook is introducing a new experience that brings page and group elements together in one place.

This allows group admins to use official voice when communicating with the community.

The admin is currently posting to the Facebook group, indicating that it is being placed behind the account by individual users.

As this new experience unfolds, admin posts will appear as official group announcements.

As the Facebook page post indicates that it is posted by the page.

Facebook page admins have the option of building a community in a single space if they don’t want to create another group.

Once this change is implemented, page administrators will have access to moderation tools that group administrators can access.

This new experience will be tested over the next year before it becomes available to everyone.

Source: Meta Newsroom

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