Now You Can Make Money On Twitter With Tip Jar – May 2021 Update

Now You Can Make Money On Twitter With Tip Jar - May 2021 Update

Twitter announced Tip Jar, which is a new way for members to earn money on Twitter.

The program is said to be the first of several ways that Twitter will help users make money on its platform.

Twitter won’t make money off cheats.

Who is Eligible to Monetize their Twitter Followers?

Currently, only members who use Twitter in English can use Tip Jar.

The first target audience to make money on Twitter will be journalists, nonprofits, “experts” and creators.

Twitter is probably a “creator,” referring to users who create videos or other forms of communication, learning, and news.

This allows Twitter not only to compete with Facebook, but also with YouTube.

Some YouTube creators made incredible money.

Unless Twitter introduces a form of ad revenue sharing, it can be difficult for creators to find this kind of success on Twitter.

How to Enable a Twitter Tip Jar?

Twitter enables the tip jar feature for specific members using English tweets.

The way to check if it’s enabled is to visit your Twitter profile and click the “Edit Profile” button, then scroll down the next page to enable the “Tip Jar” feature and fill in some other fields to get pay information.

Twitter broke the passive advertising-based monetization model and followed Facebook and YouTube to gradually become a real content platform to incentivize its user base to create popular content.

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