Pinterest Content Claiming Portal Launched April 2021

Pinterest Content Claiming Portal Launched April 2021

Today, Pinterest launched its content claiming portal, a new tool that allows creators to claim their content and decide whether and how it will show on Pinterest.

Pinterest Content Claiming Portal

Pinterest is using a tool that allows content owners to claim copyrights and decide how to use images, giving content owners greater control over their intellectual property.

The new Content Claim Portal allows creators to delete existing versions of their content and prevents future versions from being used on Pinterest.

A select group of content creators are already testing the tool, and the tool can now iterate based on their feedback.

The Content Complaint Portal can be an effective way for copyright owners to ensure their photos and videos are not misused on Pinterest.


Others download and repost content on social media regularly, and for rights holders there are few safeguards.

Pinterest has gone a step further in protecting creators by removing content it owns and preventing others from posting it in the future.

Pinterest users should be aware of this update, even if they are not the copyright owner, because if they unknowingly use other people’s content, they may find that the image has been removed.

Learn more about the Pinterest content disclosure portal and how creators submit disclosures.

How To Use Pinterest Content Claiming Portal?

To claim your content you need to fill the form. Checkout an example below:

Pinterest Lets Content Owners Control How Their Images Are Used

After the application get approved, users have 3 options to choose how their content should be used on Pinterest.

  • Mine only – Delete existing and future versions of the Pinterest image, except for the pin the creator originally saved.
  • Websites only – Remove existing and future versions of the Pinterest image, except for the pins that link to the website that the creator requested protection. (This option is only available if the creator owns a claimed website.)
  • Block All – Remove all existing and future versions of these images from Pinterest.

Once accepted by the content claim portal, the rights holder will be able to claim ownership of other content without having to submit a request each time.

They can simply upload an image of their own and Pinterest will use it to block and remove matching images.

Who can claim?

Anyone who owns the copyright to the content can request to access the content claim portal to claim their content and control how it is displayed on Pinterest.

There is no limit to the total amount of content that creators can declare, but they can upload up to 50 jobs to declare the portal at a time.

Content Claiming Portal currently only supports images. It can be expanded to support other file types in the future.

Pinterest is currently accepting a limited number of applicants for the content disclosure portal, although plans have been made to expand access in the future. Determine who to accept based on the information provided on the application.

What if application rejected?

If the application is rejected, the creator will be able to resubmit the application within 30 days.

If two or more creators claim ownership of the same image, the claim can be disputed, in which case Pinterest will need to provide evidence in the form of a court order.

Content owners can submit a request to the content claims portal here.

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