Presearch Private Search Engine as Default Option on Android in UK Added By Google

Google will add the private and decentralized search engine Presearch as the default option on all new and factory reset Android devices in the UK and Europe.

Nearly 70% of smartphone users in Europe use the Android operating system, which means this budding search engine has great potential to expand its user base.

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What is Presearch Private Search Engine?

Presearch has 2.2 million registered users and conducts an average of 1.3 million searches per day.

Obviously, this cannot be compared with Google, but it is fair to compare Presearch with the privacy-conscious search engine DuckDuckGo.

With 1.3 million searches per day, Presearch and DuckDuckGo have roughly the same search volume after three years of operation in 2012.

Since Presearch was founded in 2017, its current search volume is considerable compared to the niche market it targets.

Since January 2021, your search volume has increased by 300%.

To give you an idea of ​​what the current privacy-focused search engine market is like, DuckDuckGo conducts an average of 94 million searches per day.

The interest is there and grows year after year.

For example, last year, DuckDuckGo performed an average of 65 million searches per day.

There is no guarantee that Presearch will be equally successful, but it is now a search engine worth watching.

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Why Google increasing more default search options?

Earlier this year, Google announced that it would increase the number of default search options on Android to appease the European Commission.

Compared with North America, Google faces much stricter censorship in Europe and the United Kingdom.

In 2018, the European Commission imposed a fine of more than 4 billion euros on Google, claiming that Google is using Android to gain an unfair advantage in the search market.

Google initially required search engines to pay to be listed as the default option, but later cancelled the requirement.

As a result of these changes, the 5 most popular eligible search engines in each EU country will now be displayed in random order at the top of the Android options screen.

There are also 7 private search engines.

This means that Presearch may appear differently on the options page of Android devices, depending on the user’s location.

Regardless of location or device, anyone can use Presearch on their desktop or smartphone via Google Play or App Store.


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