Real Estate Social Media Marketing Strategy 2021

Are you struggling with your real estate social media marketing in 2021? 

No worries! by the end of this post, you will have six rock-solid real estate social media marketing ideas that help to scale your business socially.

So, let’s get into the..

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6 Actionable Real Estate Social Media Marketing Strategy

1: Automating Your Social Media Posts

Now part of your marketing strategy should be that you are consistently posting on social media. 

We are not talking about when we say automation, just hiring someone and do a set it and forget it what we are talking about here is utilizing tools that allow you to pre-plan your social media content for the day, for the week, or even a month in advance. 

This way, the day gets away from you because you had extra appointments or lead generating hopefully, then you know for a fact that day you’re going to have a great social media post hitting all of your channels because you’ve taken the time to pre-plan out your content. 

Now, these tools are companies like Hootsuite or buffer and many more. Usually, they cost around ten dollars or less a month.


2: Lead Magnet

Make sure that you are a consumer-focused realtor focus. 

Because a lot of the things that we think will be valuable to the customer.

What you want to do is consider who is your ideal client, what are the challenges or information that those people need and, you need to create a solution for them inside of that lead magnet so you’re focused on solving their problems now when trying to come up with what lead magnet you’re going to do.

For example, it is great to give them things that happen during the real estate transactions like how to purchase a home. or how to save thousands when listing your home.

But we don’t stop there, you need to be offering things of value that may not have to do with the actual real estate transaction, this is what going to attract someone for leads in the pipeline later on.

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3: Consider Going Niche

Saying you have to turn people down that are outside of that niche. 

But the more niche you get in your marketing message it’s going to make a huge impact. 

If you sound the same as everyone, very few people are going to see it. So you go from being in a large what we call red ocean or bloody ocean to a blue ocean because you have niched it down to a specific audience. 

So there’s be fewer people in that pool trying to go after that person, so by niching down. 

You can make yourself memorable now.

When we say niche, don’t think gimmicky! Think of an exact person you want to serve who is that ideal client, is it new builds, is it senior citizens, is it veterans, because keeping in mind, if you’re trying to talk to everyone in marketing, they say that you’re talking to no one.

So really consider niching down that marketing strategy to one group to set yourself apart from the competition.

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4: Make Use Of Videos 

Video is king in marketing. There is no doubt that video is dynamic and engaging when it comes to attracting new leads.

As seen that video performs well on most social media algorithms, and video will just allow you to get a lot more engagement that’s why tik-tok is such a big deal right now because you can only use video, and let’s face it. 

5: Luxury Listings

Showcase expensive listings known as luxury listings.

Currently, we live in a generation that just loves to look at luxury homes we know we do so, what is that area that you want to be known for and feature expensive or luxury listings in that area. 

Now you may be saying well we don’t have any listings in that area. 

So all you need to do is get permission from those. 

That is listing the property to be able to feature their properties on your social media channels.

Now, this helps them to bring more buyers and for you to potential followers. 

You can also feature model homes and luxury custom home builders in that area. Because if you want to start attracting sellers and buyers in the luxury market, then you must be featuring luxury listing on your social media channels. 

Now in these luxury listings, not only will you just feature what is available, but you can also give your perspective on the home and even feature the latest trends.

For examplethere is a realtor on tik-tok who is featuring luxury listings on his TikTok channel. And he has 115000 followers and 2.1 million likes, and he’s only been on the platform for three months.

Wow, people want to see luxury listings that they can get for what price and in what area, and somewhere in all of those followings they will attract some luxury leads.

6 Responding To The Comments 

Respond to the comments that people are putting on your social media post.

Now, this is so important somebody took the time to read your post or listen to your video and even engage, then you should quickly respond. 

The worst thing is to do just broadcast but not engage back with those interested in following you.

Now the comments section is a great place to get to know your followers and your readers. 

Ask great questions and then listen so you can get to know their wants and needs. 

Now, something to keep in mind when you are commenting is you’re not just talking to them because these comments or replies are public, you are not only talking to them, but you’re setting the bar for everyone else.

For exampleif somebody else asked a question that they’re like, “oh great question, we have the same one.” they’re just going to read the response that you left on someone else’s.

So keep that in mind when you’re engaging with someone. So, there will be times you have to reply to negative comments also. 

How you handle that again is going to set a precedence for other people. If they’re going to work with you in the future, so make sure you reply to them politely.

Because it doesn’t just happen that you can argue your way into someone seeing your perspective so listen to their perspective. If you did something wrong, you can just take responsibility and let them know what you’re going to do differently next time.

Final Thoughts

Now you’re armed with some amazing real estate social media marketing strategies that you can use for your business. 

If you found these real estate social media marketing tips 2021 helpful, then don’t forget to share them with your family, friends, or colleagues.

If you have any suggestions or tips that we miss in this article, then please comment below will love to hear your perspective as well.

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Which Social Media Platform Best For Real Estate?

Facebook and Instagram is the best social media platform for real estate business

Which is the best social media tool for real estate?

Hootsuite and Buffer are popular one but you can try Postoplan too.

Can I get qualified real estate leads from social media?

Yes, definitely if you plan your social media post strategically you can get quality leads for real estate business.

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