Report Google Indexing Issue – April 2021 Update

Report Google Indexing Issue - April 2021 Update

Google has added a new feature to report indexing issues directly to the Google search console.

You can access this function in the footer of the URL verification help document and in the index coverage report document.

Google said: “It is currently only on trial in the United States, and it should be fully open to everyone in the United States in a week or less.”

Report an indexing issue

This feature is designed for users who need further assistance with indexing issues outside of the Google community forums and supporting documents.

If you are located in the United States, you can access this button in the footer of the URL verification help document and the index coverage report document.

Does it look like this:

Report an Indexing Isssue Form

The form says “This form collects questions from website owners when trying to troubleshoot their sites indexing in Google Search. A verified Search Console account is a prerequisite for website owners to report problems. Please visit the Google Search Center Help Community for general queries on search methods and increase your website’s visibility in Google search. ”

The form will guide you step by step to solve the problem to finally help you debug the indexing problem and then submit it directly to Google.

One of the most common problems encountered by SEO is the Google search indexing problem.

Although in most cases, Google will say that these problems are related to technical or quality problems of the website, but sometimes it can be related to Google search.

In fact, we’ve reported many confirmed Google indexing issues over the years.

This form provides a way for Google and SEO to update Google Search indexing issues.


URL inspection help document

 indexing coverage report document

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