Schema Markup Validator Launched – May 2021 Update

Schema Markup Validator Launched - May 2021 Update

An alternative to Google’s structured data testing tool (called Schema Markup Validator) is now available in public beta.

The new tool is released as a subdomain on the official website. It is not an exact 1: 1 copy of Google’s structured data testing tool, but it has similar functions.

Google shut down the original tool in July 2020, claiming that all of its features have been migrated to Rich Results Rest and no longer need to exist as a standalone product.

However, this is not 100% correct because the rich results test is limited to testing the officially supported structured data markup in Google search results.

In addition to the structured data that Google uses to provide rich results in the SERP, there are many other types of structured data, and the “test of rich results” cannot provide the function of testing these results.

After hearing SEO comments lamenting the loss of structured data testing tools, Google decided to apply it to new areas.

In December 2020, Google announced that its closed tools will move to in April 2021.

With one month to go, the tool is now available at

Replacement For Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool Launches

Functionalities of the Schema Markup Validator include:

  • Extracts JSON-LD 1.0, RDFa 1.1, Microdata markup.
  • Displays a summary of the extracted structured data graph.
  • Identifies¬†syntax mistakes in the markup.

Although Schema Markup Validator has been confirmed to be an alternative product Google referred to in December.

Those who use this tool in their daily work should be aware that it is a beta version and unexpected errors may occur.

Source: Markup Validator

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