Scroll To Text Stops Reporting in Google Search Console – May 2021 Update

Scroll To Text Stops Reporting On Google Search Console - May 2021 Update

Google stopped displaying scrolled data in the Google Search Console performance reports.

It started showing in August 2020, but now Google no longer shows this information in Search Console.

Glenn Gabe’s post on Twitter stated that if you try to filter by text to scroll through the parameters, these pages will no longer show in the Search Console performance report, as they used to do for:

It has seemed to start going away in early March as Glenn pointed out this morning:

I have confirmed this and will no longer allow myself to filter the results to see this information.

As Glenn said, the jump link is still visible in Search Console, but there is no scroll-to-text feature.

Okay, I’m still very upset. I suspect we won’t see this kind of return anytime soon, but I’m curious, did you see the scrolling text screen?

Maybe it’s just Glenn and I didn’t see him?

I didn’t check all the sites I checked in Search Console, I just checked the site and it should have enough traffic to show some snippets in the performance report.

Let me know if you see it.


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