Semrush 2020 Updates: Leverage The SEO Benefits in 2021

Semrush 2020 Updates: Finding targeted SEO keywords, spy on the competitor, finding backlink opportunities, finding technical SEO errors is a somewhat tedious task for marketers. But thanks to the Semrush tool, which makes all these available in one platform. 

Observed that Semrush is staying ahead when the market changes, and they update their tools accordingly. 

Today, in this article, let you know about some updates, happen in 2020, which will help you boost your marketing strategy in 2021. 

But before checking Semrush 2020 updates, let’s check out the database growth in-between 2018-2020.

The data shows that there is a 10x growth in keyword database just in two years. That shows how Semrush is one of the best up-to-date SEO tools in the market. 

So, now let’s check out the significant updates that happen in 2020.

Semrush 2020 Updates – List Of New Tools

  • SEO Tools 
    • Bigger Keyword Wins with Revamped Keyword Overview
    • Uncover Hidden Opportunities with Brand New Keyword Gap
    • Domain Overview Now Takes Your Competitor Research Global
    • Get More Link-Building Ideas From Backlink Analytics 
    • On-Target Backlink Audit
    • Position Tracking: Share of Voice and Extended Reporting Capabilities
    • Amplify Your Site With a More Powerful Site Audit
    • Boost Your Local SEO With the Listing Management Tool
  • Competitive Research Tools
    • Traffic Analytics: More Audience Insights and Algorithm Enhancements
    • Get High-Level Market Insights With Market Explorer
  • Content Marketing Tools
  • Social Media Tools
  • New Social Media Products
      • Keeping watch on internal analytics 
    • Social media ad management made easy
  • Other Semrush Updates 
    • Find and Win More Clients with Agency Growth Kit
    • Sellerly by Semrush: A Toolbox for Amazon Success
    • Prowly + Semrush = Digital PR
    • Semrush Integrates With Yoast To Power Up Yoast SEO 
  • Final Thoughts

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SEO Tools

1.Revamped Keyword Overview

Selecting and optimizing intent-based keywords is one of the factors in SEO rankings. 

As we know that, Semrush has the largest keyword database, which makes it easier to select and optimize targeted keywords for a website/blog.


  1. The Global Volume has rolled out, which helps you estimate monthly search volume for the keywords across all countries. So, you can optimize those keywords country-wise.
  2. The SERP Analysis shows the top 100 websites with metrics like Page AS, Backlinks, Search Traffic, and URL keywords for the particular keyword.
  3. SERP Features and Questions helps you find more keyword ideas and content types.
  4. Bulk Analysis helps you analyze up to 100 keywords at a time, which saves you a lot of time.
  5. Keyword Manager Integration helps you efficiently manage your keyword strategy. 

2.Brand New Keyword Gap

If you want to find some undiscovered organic and paid keywords opportunities, then Keyword Gap is that tool for you.


  1. The top opportunities widget helps you find “missing”, “shared”, “unique”, “strong”, and “weak” grouping keywords.
  2. Besides comparing keywords on domain level, now you can compare them by subfolders and URLs too.
  3. Integration with Keyword Manager for better keyword management. 

3.Domain Overview

Domain Overview helps analyze websites by checking backlinks, keyword positions, organic and paid traffic. This tool very handy if you want to analyze your competitor’s websites.


  1. The Worldwide View helps to conduct competitor research on a global level. You can check and analyze the metrics, traffic trends on a worldwide level. It is one of the most demanded and long-waited features by customers, and finally, it rolled out. 
  2. Subdomain and Subfolder Level Analysis helps you to analyze only subdomains or subfolders if you don’t want to analyze the entire site.
  3. Compare Mode helps you to compare up to 5 websites at a time for efficient and quicker insights. Changes in traffic, organic, and paid keywords metrics can track at a time for multiple websites. 

4.Backlink Analytics

With the help of Backlink Analytics, you can audit your competitor backlink profiles, and will help you to find more backlinking opportunities. 


  1. The new “target URL error” filter helps you to find broken pages of the competitor site receiving backlink, and you can take benefit of these by pitching your link to the referral site owner.

5.On-Target Backlink Audit

With the help of Backlink Audit, you will find bad links pointing to your website. It will help you to remove such toxic links which affect your ranking in Google.


  1. The toxic score for each link is now more advanced and accurate. 

6.Positioning Tracking  

Position Tracking helps you to track the targetted keywords by geolocation & device type.


  1. Share of Voice (SoV) helps you to measure your SEO impacts more accurately. Keyword search volume and estimated traffic shows the percentage of the market you occupy for targeted keywords. 
  2. The new Cannibalization report helps you to check self-competition in search engines. With this feature, you can split or merge content to avoid keyword cannibalization.
  3. If you have multiple location businesses, then with a revamped Devices & Locations report, you can compare various geo-targets on a country-, region-, and city-level, benchmarking visibility performance. 
  4. Want to export position tracking reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Then with export scheduling, it could be scheduled. 

7.Site Audit

Site Audit helps to find the issues attached to websites.


  1. Markup Report helps identify the structure data items, markup implementation, errors, and overall site functionality. 

8.Listing Management Tool

LMT helps you to gain more local visibility by distributing your business profiles to popular business directories. 


  1. With the help of The Local Rankings report, you can track local rankings.
  2. Now, you can directly reply to Google My Business & Facebook page reviews with the help of the Review management feature. 
  3. Local Ranking Heatmap helps you track Google Maps positions more accurately in a specific location. Up to 5 keywords tracked on a hyper-local level. The targeted area display in a heatmap format.

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2.Competitive Research Tools

1.Traffic Analytics 

Want to check the overall performance of any website, then Traffic Analytics tools are the best option. 


  1. The subdomain-level analysis helps to track traffic counts more accurately.  
  2. Audience Insights report helps to analyze the competitor’s audience with yours by comparing the audience of selected websites. 
  3. The Traffic Journey report helps to visualize the traffic flow, and it will benefit remarketing purposes. 

2.Market Explorer

Market Explorer helps to identify the market trends, top competitor list, key benchmarks, their market share, and in-market audience characteristics.


  1. Growth Quadrant helps to identify the top players currently in the market, gives the overall competitive landscape. 
  2. Custom Market helps to analyze the market by adding up to 20 domains.
  3. Benchmarking Report helps compare traffic counts, traffic sources, and key audience characteristics of other websites up to 5. 
  4. Market Explorer’s geo extended to covering 190 regions and countries.

3.Content Marketing Tool

Content is King, and to improve content effectively, the Semrush content marketing tool is the best option.


  1. Impacthero new tool introduced for content analysis with buyer intent perspective
  2. Helps to find new content ideas
  3. Content marketing calendar to organize your content strategy
  4. Create content templates to save time
  5. Check content SEO score & suggestions for better optimization
  6. Analyze mentions across the web & social media helps in brand awareness
  7. Measure results in terms of social engagement, search engine rankings, & traffic.


4.Social Media Tools

1.New Social Media Products


  1. Keeping watch on internal analytics helps you to analyze Facebook and Instagram metrics-new followers, reach, and special engagement.
  2. Social Media Ads tool helps to create and launch ads directly from Semrush for Facebook and Instagram.

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5.Sellerly by Semrush: A Toolbox for Amazon Success  

Sellerly is the perfect tool for Amazon Sellers, helps to optimize their product listing & grow their customer base.


  1. By evaluating traffic channels for competing for amazon products, Traffic Insights helps sellers find new customers.
  2. Listing Quality Check helps to identify the listing suspension threats. And also offer listing improving tips for better growth & visibility.
  3. Listing protection monitors and alert you change in your or your competitor’s prices, keyword positions, listing suppressions, and buy boxes via SMS or Email.

6.Prowly + Semrush = Digital PR

  1. Amplify the PR Strategy.
  2. Access to over 1 million journalists and influencers.
  3. CRM functionality, tailored online newsrooms, email campaigns.
  4. Sophisticated PR analytics. 
  5. Easy signup with Semrush credentials.

7.Semrush+Yoast = SEO Boost

Semrush and Yoast now tie-up, and you can get the benefit of it to optimize your content for better SEO. 

8.Semrush Pricing Plans Updates

Total 3 updated pricing plans available for users with 40+advanced SEO & Marketing tools. Want to try for free? – start your free trial now.

1.Semrush Pro at $119.95/month (save 16% on annual billing)

  • Perfect for in-house marketers, freelancers, and startups with a limited budget.

2.Semrush Guru at $229.95/month(save 16% on annual billing)

  • Perfect for growing marketing agencies and SMB.

3.Semrush Business at $449.95/month

  • Perfect for business with an extensive web presence, agencies, & E-commerce projects.

9. Semrush New Logo

semrush new logo 2020

Semrush in 2020 also updated their logo, and it looks professional, & at the same time appears trendy too.


  • Fireball symbolize the energy of  marketing mechanism
  • Bold & soft graphics and used vast color palette

Final Thoughts

No doubt, Semrush is one of the best SEO & Marketing tools available online for marketers.  

And most important Semrush understands the marketer’s requirements very well and does changes in tools as per that. If you do have any suggestions feel free to suggest…

So, overall Semrush updates made in 2020 are quite appreciable, and helpful.

I hope Semrush 2020 updates info helps you in any way. Having any queries, or questions please feel to comment below. 

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