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SEMrush Review 2021

Looking to boost your website search engine rankings and increase your organic traffic or maybe you’re running advertising campaigns and want to improve your conversions.

Social media tools to expand your online presence, maybe you’re happy with the rankings on Google and simply want to spy on your competitors to always be one step ahead.

Chances are you’re in the right place!

Today we’re diving into Semrush Review 2021- the leading SEO and PPC tool with over five million users.

We’ll be looking at pricing and plans and then most importantly the wide variety of features that members can use to drive more traffic, sales, and leads in profit to their business.

And finally, we will decide whether SEMrush is worth it for you or not.

So, let’s checkout SEMrush review 2021 in details…

1. General Website Analysis

Believe it or not, there are actually 5 different toolkits. I’ll be going through all the tools at once.

I’m assuming most of you have your own website may be multiple websites or simply want to search on a competitor’s website. well, you can analyze an audit as many websites as you want.

semrush domain overview

For the purpose of this SEMrush review 2021, I want to look into “” a competitor’s website around investing and Finance.

So, on search, it is showing up a bunch of data about the website and as you can see just filled enough we have a lot of information to look into.

The first metric is the Authority Score it goes up to 177 for “” which is a very nice score.

It’s basically the overall quality of a domain and how well it’s SEO optimized, backlinks, referring domains stuff like that.

top organic keywords data

Then we have numbers for organic search traffic, paid traffic, backlinks, display advertising, the countries that keywords drive traffic to their general traffic trends, keywords trend which is very essential to a website top organic keywords we could look into hundreds of thousands of keywords, main organic competitors that is huge as well.

organic competitors data

we could see their top competitors and maybe competitors that are not as popular.

paid keywords data


“” is not exactly invested in paid traffic you see. they’re not running a lot of paid ads but, we can see some past ads that they have run including their display & search ads and lots of information on backlinks.

backlinks data

So, whether you’re looking into your own domain or someone else’s domain trying to get ideas, it is really helpful to use the general tool just to search into domains on SEMRush.

advertising data

Of course, if you’re involved in PPC you can really get a good idea of how people are advertising, what keywords they’re advertising on.

You can see exactly what text ads, what display ads they’re running on which keywords, you can sort any of this information by country, by device, and by date. if you want to go back ten years into a website’s history you could, they also have the option to export all this data into a PDF.

So, that’s a really nice tool feature.

2. Organic Research

Let’s go into’s organic research history and dive deeper into it. see what they’re raking for what they’re not raking so well for and what I can do to make my site match up to theirs.

organic research data

Organic Research 

Once again we can sort all this information by country, device, date whatever we want. their all-time graph is what I’m looking at for organic keywords.

It looks like their sites are a lot around 2013, but it really took off in 2015 so, it’s interesting to see all the keywords. how many keywords they’re ranking for the top three top 20 whatever you want to see

Once again there are so many things you could dig into.

Right now, I think I’m going to dig into all of their top organic keywords and not just the top this searches their top organic keywords of course, but you could go down to the least searched keywords because there are hundreds of thousands of keywords.

organic keywords data

You can see all the keywords where they rank exactly, their ranking position, the volume of these keywords on a Google and other search engines, and also the keyword difficulty.

So, if I’m competing with “” I probably don’t want to be trying to rank for “investing” it’s just not gonna happen.

There are a lot of pages and a lot of keywords on each page hundreds of thousands so I’m not gonna be competing with them for investing but maybe I could find some fewer search keywords with a less keyword difficulty according to SEMRush. because you know  they have a tool that automates they keyword difficulty you can see how hard it is to rank for certain keywords.

3. Backlinks

Moving on to the backlinks tool, once again really nice if you’re looking into your own website or someone else’s website.

semrush backlinks analysis data

Backlink Audit 

It really just depends but you can see how many backlinks a website has, what type of backlinks they are, and what type of impact it is having on the domain.

Backlinks are a key part of SEO we could see a really impressive amount of backlinks from, if I had an investing site I would definitely need to target less competitive keywords and really optimize my site for SEO because I can’t be targeting “investing” I can’t I’m never going to rank for that maybe in 20 years we don’t know…

The good thing is I can see all the sources of their backlinks so I might try to match some of these and start competing with longtail keywords.

One last thing they also have a backlink audit tool so this can really help to get rid of backlinks that are actually hurting your site. I’ve used it before and I had a really positive impact on a few of my websites already. [I think it is part of the Guru plan, so I’m not gonna showcase that right now but you can look into it see if it’s something you want for your website.]

4. Advertising Research (Spying On Competitor Ad Copies)

For all my pay-per-click people out there this one is for you, advertising research using as an example as we can see they are bidding on 1.4 million keywords, driving 45 million people to their site each month, 56 million dollars average cost or estimated cost but it shows the average CPC cost per click for each keyword.

semrush advertising research data

Advertising Toolkit 

They’re bidding on a lot of branded keywords but also some stuff that I would nothing if the grocery store is a quite popular bid, they’re really trying to drive traffic for people searching this in probably because right now the pandemic going on.

So, that is probably why they want people to use their online services.

I’m big on PPC advertising and this is definitely one of my favorite  tools that SEMRush offers. I am literally able to do spy on competitors all day every day.

I can even tell you how profitable I built some PPC campaigns by spying on people, literally seeing exactly what they’re bidding on and  optimizing my ads to beat them.

Using this method I’ve turned some campaigns that were not profitable into having ROI of over 300%.

So pretty amazing stuff we can see exactly there driving traffic to base on this keyword I mean a gaming chair so I’m assuming it’s one other gaming chair products, it’s interesting that they’re doing this I wonder if they have a partnership with the people that make this gaming chair or if they’re making it themselves.

semrush advertising research paid search position tracking

Let you see on this keyword exactly where they’re driving the traffic,  okay so a “GT racing gaming chair” interesting.

If you’re doing PPC affiliate marketing sending people into your website through paid ads and then sending people to affiliate links this tool can be arguably even more useful because you can look at different websites and different affiliate offers.

See what affiliate offers they’re sending people to based on which keywords, countries, devices, and all that stuff.

semrush ad copies data

You might already be amazed about know there is more we can see you literally everything about Amazon in their pay-per-click advertising campaigns all their ads – the past ads, running ads & ads from ten years ago we can see it all and of course, you can see which keywords they’re bidding on for each ad with a shockingly accurate CPC estimate.

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5. Product Listing Ads

To see more than just search ads well let’s go-to product listing ads or how about display ads.

semrush product listing ads it’s probably not the best example because you’re probably not gonna be competing with Amazon directly but you know this is better for smaller websites.

Amazon is a giant eCommerce store so unless your eBay you’re probably not gonna be looking into aim and sound that much and the funny part is eBay actually uses SEMRush so I don’t know I guess 🙂

6. Display Ads

So, for display ads, you can see exactly what other websites are doing once again just like product listing ads and search ads and chances are if they are running display ads they are probably working quite well so you could use it as inspiration for your own similar website.

semrush display ads data

The data gets extremely specific for each individual display ad so that’s really good, honestly, I’ve never looked into Amazon’s advertising campaigns before but they run out a lot of different ads like a lot of variation which I would not even expect, but at the same time, I guess I should not be surprised because you know Amazon is one of the biggest websites in the world right now.

7. Marketing Insights

Heading over to the next section marketing insights traffic analytics for we can see a lot of general stats about their site – average visit duration, bounce rate, unique visitors, overall visitors.

semrush marketing insights traffic analytics data

You’re probably not going to find any game-changing information here but you do want to know some general stuff like their average visit duration and bounce rate because that has a big effect on the overall health of your website.

If a competitor has a drastically higher average visit duration or a drastically lower bounce rate on their site that is a big red flag which you’ve got to work on improving their site, but if  they’re around the same or if your site is better then you should be fine.

semrush market explorer tool

Not much more to cover here so I’ll probably just move on this is a new tool which I have not used that much. I will say about Semrush though they’re constantly adding new tools and trying to improve the experience for people that pay for their plans.

You know you’re paying for it so they want you to get as much utility out of it as possible.

semrush traffic rank tool

It’s comparing your website or whatever website you’re analyzing to the overall market trends of the market and how much of the market share it has and traffic rank compares the websites and the number of visits no surprise Google is number one YouTube being number two and all the most popular websites.

8. Keyword Gap Tool (Advanced Keyword Research)

Keyword Gap Tool this is one of my personal favorites you can compare yourself to competitors.

semrush keyword gap tool

See where you’re lacking pretty much and what you can do to improve your organic search.

The tool does automatically generate competitors but for this example I’m just typing in Amazon and eBay, you can also compare a paid advertising, but for this example I will just be looking into organic keywords so as we can see top opportunities for you.

We could see what Amazon is the lacking pretty much and what they can do to improve. A lot of the missing opportunities are not relevant so if I owned Amazon I would probably not try to compete for any of these terms, but if we go into week we get some more relevant results maybe we could try to rank for certain eBay searches, but to be real these top five missing opportunities or week opportunities are branded or irrelevant keywords.

So, if I owned Amazon I would dig deeper into these missing search terms probably find some useful ones I’m not gonna do it right now, but I could probably find some ones that I can improve on, but I guess it’s not the best example because Amazon is you know one of the most popular in both reigning two domains in the world.

So, there’s probably not too much they could improve on.

9. Keyword Overview Tool

On let’s look at that keyword overview tool and I will give a better example this time.

semrush keyword overview tool

We’re going to look at more specific searches I’m not gonna be typing in Amazon okay so let’s see for this example let’s say I own a bike shop in Chicago and I also have a website. I want more visitors to my website and I’m trying to rank in organic search.

So, let’s type in some search terms and see which ones I could optimize my website for to get the highest chance of appearing.

As you probably expected it’s much easier to rank for “bikes for sale Chicago” versus just “bikes for sale” there’s also a much lower volume for that search term though.

So, we’ve gotta analyze all this in himself we could see the average cost for cost per click. I mean it’s all pretty much expected a higher cost per click for a more specific keyword, but also less volume but then also a less keyword difficulty because there’s less “bike shops in Chicago” versus probably “online global bike shops” or just “bike shops” in the United States.

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10. Keyword Magic Tool

Let’s say that, because of the pandemic I’m having a lot of trouble selling my in my physical store so, I set up a whole new online website and I’m now shipping globally to the United States anyone can order a bike from my website online and get it shipped to their house.

semrush keyword magic tool


Keyword Magic Trial 

So, you see this we can look into any of these more specific long tail keywords and see which ones are easier to rank for. I could have a page for each type of dirt bike, each type of specific dirt bike anyone wants, or I can just scroll down and see more keywords.

Bikes for sale is extremely difficult to rank for organically but if we scroll down we could see some less popular search terms would still have a monthly volume of 1000, which is not too bad with considerably lower key word difficulties and also lower costs per clicks.

If we’re running advertising on our bike shop, if we’re searching for product listing ads whatever we want some of these keywords have a keyword difficulty of less than 75 so I could target those and also lower CPCs so, I can write a nice SEO optimized description, have a nice landing page that people would stay on and maybe click around go on my website from there.

The point is there’s a lot of long tail keywords which are longer, less popular, less competitive keywords that can drive way more sales and leads to your business versus popular in short keywords that have a bunch of competition, very high cost per clicks if you’re doing paid advertising or just almost impossible to rank for.

I have gotten up to 5 times the amount of conversions targeting long tail keywords that we have a volume of around 50 searches a month on some of them for my website’s.

semrush keyword manager tool

SEMrush has all the tools you need including keyword difficulty score and a lot of recommendations for less popular longtail keywords. keyword manager is just kind of a way to organize your keyword research.

11. Ad History (Spying On Competitors’ Past Ads)

Moving on to add history for the keyword “bikes for sale Chicago” there is not a whole lot of competition. only one notable domain running ads on this keyword, but you could type in any keyword you want and see every single website running their ads.

semrush ad history competitor ad spying tool

And you can also take a look at their ad history and their ad copies, but I do believe if you want to see the ad copies for this tool you are going to have to upgrade to the Guru plan.

12. Project Management Resources (SEO Audits, Backlink Audits, & More)

Moving on to my project setting and this is a place where you can add each project I recommend starting a new project for each website you have because there’s a lot of benefits to doing this.

semrush project management tool


Let’s just say I’m Amazon again let’s just put the project name and domain at Amazon and create the project. it will immediately send you to a whole bunch of tools which do look overwhelming, there’s a lot of auditing tools for backlinks and SEO and all that good stuff. I would recommend exploring these out on your own time.

13. Topic Research

Topic Research tool is a pretty useful one in my opinion. I usually quite a bit when I’m kind of just looking into more ideas for my site.

semrush topic search tool

I run a study on “io games” which are just online at browser games just to give a little context. so, just typing it in and we will see what types of ideas it generates.

It’s gonna digging the entire web for every single possible idea stemming from “IO games” and give me all of that data which is pretty interesting, some new ideas that I’ve really got to consider for my site including headlines and questions I could take one of these questions and write a whole article about it, because people are actively searching for it.

If  you have a blog, you’re constantly running about new sub topics, trending topics, around your topic pretty much I mean blogs it’s just one thing like I can’t think of any website that this tool would not benefit.

It’s useful probably one of my favorite tools in the whole Semrush ecosystem.

If you want to call it that for my SEO people out there you’re gonna like the next few tools. so let’s just go ahead and we’ll just do the one we have over you I guess “io games” so we’re gonna look into io games SEO.

This is a voice to get recommendations for everything you can do to maximize your chance of ranking in organic search including backlinks and keywords and what your competitors are doing, how they’re optimizing their websites to rank well.

It even offers the recommended amount of words for a description which is pretty essential because you don’t want to write too much because Google is just gonna look at that and they’re not gonna know what to do with it, but you also don’t want to write too little so you got to get the perfect spot and it depends on what keywords are looking at.

14. SEO Writing Assistant Tool

Over and over again more and more great tools we have the SEO writing assistant tool.

semrush seo writing assistant tool

SEO Writing Assistant is an tool that provides instant recommendations for content optimization based on the best-performing articles in Google top 10.

Content professionals, bloggers and marketing experts can check if their texts or the texts of external writers meet various content-quality requirements in just a few clicks.

Unfortunately I believe if you want to get like recommendations you will have to upgrade to the Guru Plan.

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15. Lead Generation Tool (New)

They have a new lead generation tool, which I’ve never used before, but if you guys test it out, let me know how it is in the comment section down below.

semrush lead generation tool

So, it does look like it is free for at least the first time. I’ll probably test it out later.

16. Calendar & Scheduling

They offer a lot of stuff to organize your business, especially integrated into SEMRush linking their analytics, and all that great stuff.

semrush marketing calendar & scheduling tool

I would recommend this if you’re working with other people and if you’re not, you can still use it, or maybe you prefer something else.

If you’re looking for local traffic, local business, then look into their listing management.

17. CPC Map (Maximize Your Advertising Budget)

Another excellent tool for people doing paid advertising is the CPC map, where you can look in them more accurately than just country CPC’s on average, but you could look into CPC is based on region state or even more local, you can play around with the analytics.

semrush cpc map tool

It’s really interesting how different states have such a wide variety of average CPC.

18. Reports (Custom & Automated)

On my reports, so you can create custom reports and schedule them for whenever you want you could do it weekly, daily, or really whenever you want.

semrush reports tool

Once you set them up select all your customization’s then they will always be sent to you. you’ll never have to do it again. you’ll just get the reports over and over again on whatever schedule you set them up as.

As mentioned at the beginning of this SEMrush Review there are different tool-kits for different areas mainly SEO, PPC, and SMM.

I’d say social media management is probably the least popular, but there are people that buy this tool just for that alone.

19. Social Media Toolkit

The social media toolkit is just a whole new part of SEMRush and I apologize. if you’re not in the PPC or SEO and you’re really just looking for that social media tools, but I’m assuming that most people reading this SEMrush Review 2021 are at least looking into some of the SEO and PPC tools one or the other or both I don’t know well.

semrush social media toolkit

There are some pretty useful tools in here though especially if you’re a big brand or simply trying to grow on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube.

Advertising on those platforms as well especially Instagram and Facebook.

The social media tools are similar to the ones and the other kits but just like focused on social media, so you can get ideas for your social media platforms.

20. Pricing & Plans

Let’s checkout the SEMRush pricing and plans, that is a very important part of this SEMRush review of course because if you want to continue using semrush after seven days free trial, you will have to upgrade to a paid plan.

semrush pricing and plans

Semrush Pricing 2021 Updated

Features Pro Guru Business
Projects 5 15 40
Keywords Tracking 500 1500 5000
Keyword, Domain, & Backlink Analysis Available Available Available
Historical data Not Avaialble Avaialble Avaialble
Content Marketing Platform Not Avaialble Avaialble Avaialble
Google Data Studio Integration Not Avaialble Avaialble Avaialble
API Access Not Avaialble Not Avaialble Avaialble
Price $119.95/mo $229.95/mo $449.95/mo


SEMrush Prices (check in details)

Here we have the pro, guru and business plans and as you can tell they are definitely not cheap starting at $ 99 a month up to $ 399 per month and then an enterprise solution, if you own a larger business.

If you do not have employees for your business, I would recommend the pro plan and if you find that you want more features that are on the Guru plan you can always update it later.

If you are already driving a lot of revenue to your business and you have maybe a few employees, I would consider getting the business plan. it has a lot of advanced features that you would not get with a pro or guru plan.

There is a full list of all the features and capacities on SEMRush website for each different tool they offer.

For me the Guru plan is perfect, it has an increased number of tools and also more volume for different tools such as the keyword metrics updates etc. which I use.

21. How To Use Semrush For Free [7 Day Free Trial]

To activate your Semrush 7 day free trial, follow below steps:

semrush 7 day free trial

  1. Click on “get free trial
  2. Fill your card details [don’t worry! it will not charge you anything up to 7 days, but make sure you cancel it on 1 day before the free trial ends.]
  3. Get instant access to your Semrush account for free.

✅ Pros

  • Simple and easy to use SEO tool
  • Inbuilt brand monitoring
  • Largest keyword database
  • Competitive organic research
  • Organic keyword research
  • Link analysis
  • Keyword discovery
  • PPC planning
  • Competitive research
  • Performance tracking
  • Continually innovating

❌ Cons

  • Little bit High Cost [Affordable, if  you run profitable online business. or to make your website more profitable.]

Final Thoughts

Concluding Semrush Review 2021: First of all I want to make it clear that, I would only recommend Semrush to people that take their business seriously, if this is simply a hobby and you don’t put much time or effort into it, I would not even consider one of these plans.

However, if you put your heart and soul into your business and have a desire to grow, SEMRush is the perfect tool to help you achieve online marketing growth and success.


Hope this Semrush Review 2021 helps you in anyway. Also Check toolszap review

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