Semrush vs Moz : Which is the Best SEO Tool in 2020

SEMrush vs Moz

I’ve been doing SEO for the last 3 years and one of the craziest things is always ask is what tool did you use? which is the best SEO Tool? which one do you actually do for keyword research? which other one can you use for keyword ranking? what you know what is the all-time best out of all of them?

So, I know you’re looking for a comparison between SEMrush vs Moz, I’m gonna show you step by step which which one is the best according to what I’ve seen and what I have used in the last 3 years but also what are the pros and cons of each of the SEO tools

So, let’s checkout it…

What we’re gonna do we’re gonna do an SEO audit and we’re just gonna go over some of the difference between SEMrush vs Moz okay.

SEMrush vs Moz Comparison

Search Volume99% Accuracy95% Accuracy
Keyword Database20b0.5b
Position Tracking99% Accuracy60% Accuracy
SEO ReportingCustom PDF reports, including Branded and White Label
reports, report scheduling and integration with GA, GMB
and GSC.
PDF reports, no integration
Toxic Links
Monitoring & Penalty
Detailed AnalysisSpam Score in %
Content MarketingSEMrush has content optimization, creation tools and
has lots of unique features that will take your content to
the next level as, for example: SEO Writing Assistant,
On Page SEO Checker/SEO Content Template, Content
Audit, Post Tracking, Brand Monitoring.
Moz doesn’t have inbuilt content marketing
Mobile SERP Rankings95% Accuracy95% Accuracy
Free Trail7 Day Free Trail30 Day Free Trail
PriceStarting @ 99 $Starting @ 99 $

SEMrush vs Moz Comparison Video

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1. SEMrush

semrush domain overview

So first I’m gonna go to SEMrush and I’m going to type in domain to look at the overview.

SEMrush gave me the data based on the domain that I entered.
I have really considered SEMrush to be intermediate tool very easy to use don’t get me wrong! it’s very easy but it also gives you a lot of data that is very useful once you start getting into it.

So, that’s why it looks like this you know you have so much more data here you have basic page title, we have keywords found zero even those SEMrush found 27 that’s very interesting.

Page score 69  part of your score you also get like steps all there with the errors critical errors warnings and in yellow that you need to be working on your SEO to improve what’s not working.

So, that you can start improving your rankings but that’s really all you get over here.

You get keywords that your ranking, paid search if you’re running any type of ads, your backlinks which is incredibly useful.

It also gives how much traffic you got.  it gives you the  top organic how much traffic they’re driving to your website.

Your main competitors as well and there it maps it out so that you know how close the competition is.

Specifically all the backlinks that you have all the anchor text, referring domains, all the index page that you have etc.

So literally like this is just a quick overview but if you click on each of these it’s going to keep go more in-depth and you’re gonna be able to find a lot more data.

In SEMrush get all this amazing features you have organic research for keywords traffic analytics.

So it actually helps you

  • Guess how many visitors are going into your competitor’s website,
  • Can do a bunch of advanced keyword research or very basic,
  • Helps you with link building come up with ideas go after links that your competitors are going after.
  • It can track and audit ongoing your website to attract your rankings and monitors your your automatic audits.

It does a pretty cool SEO audit of your website. creating reports on an ongoing basis whether for it’s for your client or just for your management office whatever it is.

In Site Audit report it shows what are the errors and how to fix it. definitely way way better more advanced but it’s also a lot more useful data what you get in SEMrush vs Moz.

SEMrush Features

  • Organic Research
  • Advertising Research
  • Display Advertising Tool
  • Audience Insights
  • Backlinks
  • KW research
  • Product Listing Ads
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Market Explorer
  • KW Difficulty
  • Domain VS Domain
  • Keyword Magic tool
  • SEO Writing Assistant
  • Position Tracking
  • Site Audit
  • Social Media Tracker
  • Social Media Poster
  • Brand Monitoring
  • On-Page SEO Checker
  • Backlink Audit Tool
  • Organic Traffic Insights
  • Content Analyzer
  • PPC KW tool
  • Ad Builder
  • SEO Reporting

2. Moz

moz domain overview

In Moz you’re gonna have different tools as well but basically, I want the page optimization because I want to run an SEO audit on this website okay.

Here on Moz I have to enter the page but also the keyword & hit search.

According to this domain right here which is funny because Moz showing  there was not they were not ranking for anything.

So, that is very interesting is the same website but showing different results.

I definitely trust SEMrush a lot more because I’ve used it for so many years.

To be honest the only thing that I use in Moz is link Explorer, this is something that only Moz has.

You can actually look at at your spam and see what are the chances of being penalized based on your backlinks and then you can start looking at your backlinks domain Authority.

So, this is actually pretty neat from Moz but aside from that I don’t really use many of the tools. looks like they have a keywords rank tracker but that’s really it like there’s not a lot happening in Moz when compare to SEMrush.

Moz Features

  • Keyword Explorer
  • SEO Crawling
  • Link Explorer
  • Moz Local

Final Thoughts

So, overall my favorite is SEMrush. if I were to pick one I would just pick SEMrush because they have so many features.

However I still need the Moz because of the spam score that I kind of like to keep an eye on but it is not essential for SEO for ranking etc. for everything else SEMrush is the way to go for sure.

Go check it out free 7-day trial for SEMrush give it a spin & trust me seven days plenty for you to figure out that you’re gonna like it.

I hope you enjoyed and now got the real difference between SEMrush Vs Moz.

Let’s us know your views below in comment section.

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