SEO Becoming Obsolete in 2021? John Muller Explains

John Mueller from Google shared his thoughts on the future of SEO and whether he thinks it will one day become obsolete.

In the Google Search Center SEO Hangout recorded on July 2, someone posted a simple question: “What is your vision for the future of SEO?” This got Mueller into a dilemma because he admitted that he had no idea about the future of SEO. So perfect positioning.

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He addressed a common concern in the SEO industry that machine learning will become so advanced that Google can understand the website without any additional optimization.

If Google’s machine learning algorithm can understand everything about the site by itself, SEO is not needed.

He continued to compare with the web design industry and pointed out that today’s CMS did not make website development obsolete, despite how advanced they are.

As CMS becomes more advanced, the web design industry is also adapting and evolving, looking for new problems to solve.

Mueller believes that SEO is moving in the same direction.

This shows that some things we do manually, such as writing H1 and H2 tags, can eventually be processed by the website’s CMS.

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The future of SEO described by Mueller looks to be largely automated by different tools.

Give an example of how to load the main content of a webpage and let the CMS automatically optimize the title tag.

Marketers believe that Google will make SEO obsolete through advances in machine learning.

Mueller seems to imply that CMS will eventually optimize more for search engines on its own.

So, what impact does this have on SEO? Time will tell us what the role of SEO will look like in the future.

Mueller believes that this profession will not disappear anytime soon.

Source: English Google SEO office-hours from July 2, 2021 

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