SEO For Lawyers [6 Actionable SEO Tips 2021]

96% of people seeking legal advice use a search engine. Today I’ll be sharing with you 6 quick ways to increase your law firm SEO rank. If you’re a lawyer, SEO for Lawyers is the best way to find new clients.

SEO is the process of improving the quality and quantity of your website traffic organically through search engine results. 

You do this by improving where your website ranks for specific law firms related keywords through keyword optimization.

So, these five tips that I’m about to share with you are strategies you can implement right now to take advantage of that attention to jump-start SEO strategy and improve your law firm SEO rankings. 

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6 Actionable SEO Tips For Lawyers 

  1. On-Site Issues
  2. Improve Page’s Loading Speed
  3. YouTube
  4. Infographics
  5. Google Maps Optimization
  6. Broken Links

1. On-Site Issues

To improve your law firm’s SEO rank is by fixing any on-site issues.

You may be asking yourself, what is the on-site issue? 

On-site refers to anything you do directly on your website to improve your SEO rankings.

On-site issues can be fixed because you have direct control over them by managing your website.

The first on-site issue that can seriously hurt your SEO rank is whether or not your website is optimized for mobile devices. 

What I mean by this is I know that any website that appears on your desktop or laptop can be reached from a browser on your phone but is your website as visually appealing and fully functional on mobile devices as it is on a computer. If not, this is hurting your Law firm SEO rankings.

Studies show that nearly 60 percent of all online searches are carried out on mobile devices. So it’s vital to mobile-optimize your Law firm website.

2. Improve page’s loading speed

A slow website loading speed will hurt your Law firm SEO rankings. 

Much like mobile optimization, a slow loading speed will also harm your potential client’s user experience leading to negative interactions, which impact your SEO ranking.

For Example; A negative interaction is a high bounce rate which means visitors are leaving your site quickly or early. 

Having a high bounce rate is a red flag to Google that your site is not providing value to visitors and is giving them a negative experience google does not reward signs like this with higher SEO rankings.

When it comes to law firms, most people will seek help quickly to handle their cases. If your website speed doesn’t meet their urgency to find help odds, they will work with your competition instead. 

There are many free tools available to test your website speed. 

As per the latest Google algorithm 2021, you must check and improve page experience and Core Web Vitals. 

3. YouTube [Video Marketing]

Video becomes a no-brainer for your firm. If your law firm is already utilizing Youtube that content needs to be posted to your website also.


For starters, it’s easier for consumers to watch or listen to something rather than read about it that’s not the only benefit though, remember how your SEO rank is partially determined by time on site by posting videos you’ve already taken the time to create your website you’ll be able to keep the consumer on your site for a longer period which will directly boost your SEO rank.

4. Infographics

It’s important to know that Google won’t index the text on the infographics. 

Itself infographics are a great way to share statistics about cases your law firm has handled without losing the viewer’s interest by laying out the facts with plain old text. 

Another great method for producing high-value content that will increase your SEO rank is by making your content about your clients. 

As an established law firm, you have many attorneys who have earned honors and awards you’d like to display.

However, making your content more about your client and less about you appeals to the professionalization factor that googles also uses to determine your SEO rank.

A simple and effective way for law firms to get great content that is around on the client is by attaining testimonials that have your clients share with you i.e. why they chose to work with you? How their experience was from start to finish.

5. Google maps optimization [Local SEO]

Did you know that 85 percent of people looking to find legal service locations use online maps and that 71% of people looking for a lawyer think it is vital to have a local attorney and need local SEO optimized.

When a consumer performs a local search for law services, you’ll first see google ads, then google’s local three-pack, and then organic results. 

Google’s local three-pack is the top three ranking local businesses for a search query. And this is where you’ll want your business to appear because it is a lot easier and takes less time to rank high on google maps than in the top organic search results because google maps don’t rely on domain authority and are one of the quickest ways.

To improve your google maps ranking is to fill out everything you can about your business on your google my business page.

Make sure to fill out all niche practice areas your Law firms covers, such as personal injury or divorce. Ensure your firm is properly categorized with the main practice area that your market wants to find more about.

6. Broken links 

You can use any online broken link tool to check individual pages or your entire website for any broken links should be replaced immediately to provide a quick little boost to your SEO rank as well as provide a better user experience for your visitors. 

Another great method is to work on your firm’s internal links this is because Google finds your posts and web pages best when they have linked to other pages it will provide google with an idea of the structure of your website. 

If you’re a specialized injury attorney in many different cases. And car accident cases are what brings most business to your firm. 

You probably want google to know this so, your page on car accidents receives a lot of traffic right by providing more link value to your site’s car accident page. 

Google will begin to establish a hierarchy of pages and will be able to determine your car accident page as one of the most important on your site.

 A form of external links that can provide a quick boost to your SEO is backlinks.

Final Thoughts

SEO for Lawyers matters a lot in today’s digital world. If you haven’t opted for SEO for your Law firm, then it’s high time.

SEO helps your law firm get targeted clients and businesses if you implement it in the right way. 

So, those are six actionable SEO tips to increase your law firm SEO ranking. 

Which SEO tips are you going to start with for your Law firm? Let me know in the comment section, having any queries or suggestions, feel free. 


Do lawyers Need SEO?

Definitely Yes, 96% of people seeking legal advice use a search engine if you have your law firms website SEO optimized it will bring more clients and also helps in branding.

How does SEO help law firms?

SEO helps law firms to bring more clients online along with that it helps in branding as well.

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