Social Media Marketing For Lawyers 2021 [Top 5 Tips]

Contrary to popular belief, social media is not a vanity metric. 

If you are a lawyer, You’ve probably wasted a lot of time and money investing in social media marketing only to see it do well, nothing. 

Trust me! We used to have those same doubts Until we figured out what makes social media marketing tick.

If you want to know how social media marketing for lawyers works, then you’re reading the right blog.

Too many lawyers think social media marketing does not work. And they’ll tell us flat out it’s a losing strategy. If you’re watching this blog post and you’re in that boat, then be prepared to have your bubble burst. 

Wait! you’re wrong. 

And we are going to tell you in this blog top five strategies for social media marketing for lawyers to build a following and thriving practice.

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Top 5 Tips For Social Media Marketing For Lawyers

Strategy 1: Start Using Video.

Video is becoming ubiquitous among professionals. As we’ve become accustomed to using video in our daily interactions, we’re going to become more accustomed to video marketing as well. 

Video is so powerful. We have some clients who’ve paused all of their marketing efforts in favor of video and their slaying.

There’s a pandemic going on, and there’s no safer, easier introduction to you and your prospective clients than video. 

Video marketing is a great way not only to display your expertise but also to establish rapport. And put down the first building blocks of relationship building with your prospective clients. 

That leads me to strategy number two.

Strategy 2: 80 / 20 Rule

To revamp your content for your audience, not your accolades. One of the most common questions I get asked when it comes to social media marketing is how to increase engagement – likes, comments, people reading your content. 

I’m just going to share what social media experts do.

They follow the 80 / 20 rule outlined in Social Media Success for Every Brand by Claire Diaz-Ortiz.

The rule is simple.

80% of content should be focusing on delivering value, and 20% should be focusing on promotional content. 

In other words, if you’re writing content for your audience, it shouldn’t just be focused on you. That includes your video content too.

For example – if you post content five days per week, then one post per week can be about you, and the other four days should focus on industry insights. Sharing content from your network, or commenting, or providing a unique perspective on something taking place in your practice. 

It’s important to remember that social media marketing is not about you. It’s about your audience and your followers. You want to create content that resonates with them, not content that serves you and your self-interest.

When you create great audience-focused content, you’ll establish your credibility and trust with your audience. Once you’ve established that credibility and trust with your audience, they’ll come knocking on your door. You won’t have to knock on theirs.

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Strategy 3: Plan Before You Post.

Before writing a social media post, it’s so important you do your due diligence to plan out your content. This is a very crucial tip when it comes to social media marketing for lawyers.

One of the fastest ways to ensure you’re delivering is what your audience wants is to research the most common questions your clients are asking.

Each time you go into a consult, write down the questions asked of you, compile a list and then use it to draw inspiration for your next social media post. 

And if you don’t have a well-established library of questions that you’ve been compiling, go to Google.

Start by typing in your practice area and see what Google includes and its people also ask section on the search results. It is a great jumping-off point for you to start discovering what your audience is looking for from those questions. 

For example, An estate planning attorney may have a theme around will dispute another around special needs trust and another round COVID related estate planning. Armed with these themes. 

A lawyer can now draft social media posts that resonate with their audience tackling questions like, 

  • How to avoid a will dispute?
  • What makes it work will dispute more likely?
  • Will my children fight over their inheritance?”
  • Can an ex-wife dispute a will and win?

It is the power of planning your content before you create it.

Strategy 4: Build An Email List.

Now that you’ve built a following on social media. It’s time to entice those social media followers to get to know you even better. The best way to do this is through email marketing. 

Now you may be wondering what does social media marketing has to do with email marketing? 

Social media marketing is a gateway to your prospective client’s eyes, whereas email marketing is a gateway to their minds. 

The truth is you and, I am not Zuckerbergs. We don’t own any of the social media platforms that we use daily. We cannot control when Facebook, Linked In, Instagram, or even Google changed their algorithm and leave us scrambling to find a way to reach our audience. But we do own our email lists.

That is why using email to market to your ideal client can be such

effective and necessary next step in your digital marketing strategy.

Strategy number five, be overly generous with your knowledge. 

Strategy 5: Be Overly Generous With Your Knowledge

Once a lawyer said he was never going to post on social media

For the best digital marketing strategies that help you spend more time serving clients instead of marketing because he felt his prospective clients should have to pay for all the knowledge, he learned over his 30-year career. He wasn’t wrong. But he also wasn’t entirely right either.

You see, being generous with your knowledge is a differentiator and an authority builder. There are plenty of lawyers out there thinking exactly like that lawyer. 

But those who take the time to share their knowledge generously end up demonstrating their expertise and building their authority instead of hiding from the world. 

I’ve never met a lawyer who has successfully marketed practice on social media without demonstrating generosity.

Those who generously share their expertise in a valuable way with their audience are the ones who reap the benefit that’s from social media and their marketing efforts. 

Final Thoughts 

So these 5 tips are the best social media marketing for lawyers. If you practice these tips as you practice law work, you will see good results over time. 

How you going to implement these social media marketing strategies for lawyers, comment below. 

And having any queries or suggestions, feel free to.


Which social media good for lawyers?

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

What are the benefits of social media for law firms?

Personal branding and more clients.

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