Top 6 Social Media Marketing Strategy 2021

Social Media Marketing Strategy 2021

If you want to explode your views, followers, engagement, and reach on social media, this is the only social media marketing strategy you need to follow in 2021.

So, in this post, I’m sharing four tips that you need to follow – if you want to explode your social media growth across all platforms. 

So there’s the one vital thing I need to preface with you guys that you need to focus on one channel, to begin when it comes to growing a social media following, 

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1.Content Planning and Consistency

So the first point that is so critical when it comes to growing a large social media following that has engaged people where you can get more subscribers, buyers traffic, you name it is planning your content and being consistent.

So what you’ll find is these social media platforms want users on the platform to sell more advertising.

So you a creator who is building a social media channel, whatever platform you have to create content consistently, because those platforms will reward you, and over time what you’ll find is your growth compounds.

So it’s very critical that you plan out your content in advance and make sure you are consistent.

Pro Tip:

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2. Understand The Culture Of The Platform 

One thing needs to remember that what we post on Instagram could be different for TikTok. 

Now, the reason that is because there’s a different culture, community, audience on each platform.

So as an example Youtube, it’s a platform for people that are learning. So when it comes to Youtube, try and post valuable content and long-form interviews and all sorts of things, right!

But if you compare that to Tiktok, it’s really about bite-size snippets valuable in 15 seconds. What can that person learn versus Pinterest or Facebook, which is really like an infographic on Pinterest, and you’re linking to an article. So it’s different. You can’t post the same thing and the formats of those pieces of content matter.

So you need to understand the trends that are happening on most of the platforms, and then you can put out content around those trends.

Someone who’s a master at this is Gary Vee. If you follow what he does, you look at all his different channels, and you’ll see he has unique content and formats for each vital channel.

3.Find Winning Content and 10x It

So when it comes to any social media platform, you need to look at the content that you’re putting out and try to find what are the clear winners use the data to tell the story look at the engagement, comments, things that people are going crazy for and look to create more of that.

But then you want to use and find another data source which is people that are in your niche or people that are in your marketplace or other brands or competitors they have so much content out there, and you can look at all of it, and you can see the performance of that content.

So what you want to do is to use a concept called modeling by Tony Robbins.

Now keep in mind, do not copy others and do not steal their content, and like that’s just straight copyright infringement.

But you do want to draw inspiration!

You should find this unicorn content in your portfolio of content from your own social media channels, also your competitors, or people that are speaking to a similar audience.

And then, post it on your channels. And I guarantee it will blow up once you start doing that and you see results. Then you want to 10x that scale it up.

How do you post more of what people want, and then what will happen is you start to build up this great collection of content that is just always booming.

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4. Build An Engaged Community

Focus on building an audience of engaged fans because there’s this incredible concept called 1000 true fans by Kevin Kelly. 

And that’s what you need to focus on when you’re in the early days of your business, how do you develop 1000 true fans.

The study and concept that he put out around 1000 true fans are all you need to make a full-time living that if you have 1000 true fans that can pay you a hundred dollars a year, that’s all you need.

So what you need to think about is how I can build my 1000 true fans. And the reason I love this concept because it’s achievable.

If you want to build 1000 true fans, then go above and beyond to listen to these people as these are real people who are following your social media channels.

5.Reply ASAP

The single comment that somebody writes, you need to respond to every single DM. We’ve seen as a growth strategy in particular on Instagram the more we respond to every single DM, it increases our growth rapidly.

6.Build a Relationship and Trust 

Every story that you produce speaks to your community. Ask now and then what content do you want to see? What more do you want from me? How can I further serve & help you and just come from a place of giving and caring? People will see very quickly if you care for them. 

And put yourself out there as much as you can or as much as you feel comfortable. People resonate with other people, and they build a relationship and trust with other people, not so much with a brand as a brand is like something you see, but a person is much more relatable.

The more you can build a relationship with your community, the better and the more loyal your community will help to grow because that will compound over time.

Final Thoughts

Okay, guys, I hope you enjoyed this article. These are the social media marketing strategy that you must follow in 2021 if you want to blow up your social media following.

Having any questions or queries, then please comment below will love to hear your take on these social media marketing strategies.

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What is social media marketing?

Social Media Marketing is the type of marketing which uses various social media platforms to promote your service or products.

What is the purpose of social media marketing?

To promote and spread awareness about your services or products.

What is the most popular social media platforms 2021?

Social Media Platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Etc.

Which is the best tool for social media scheduling?

There are many but Postoplan is one of the best and cheapest one available. Try For Free Now

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